Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Little Valentines Gift Ideas from Me

As we are only 1 week a way from Valentines Day, I thought it would be good to make a little personal wish list. These are all things I would love to receive for Valentines or what i might buy for my partner for Valentines. It's not a hint post for him to read, in fact, i'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog! :-)

Thing's I would love to receive...

Letter Box Sweets

I just love the idea of sweets arriving in the post, and these sweets all look delish! This gorgeous little gift only cost £12 from NotOnTheHighStreet

Personalised Couples Keepsake Box

I love this personalised keepsake box, Matt and I have loads of little things from our earlier days together, things like keyrings we bought each other, notes we wrote, passport size photos. They all live in a pretty boring tin in my drawer, something like this would be ideal!
Only £34.95 from PrezzyBox

Lovely Lingerie

Pretty and good quality lingerie always makes a great Valentines gift, i would worry about what my chap may choose if he was shopping alone but with the help of the internet it's not hard to go wrong! Luxury  Lingerie is always a winner!

What i would love to buy for Matt...

Matt loves any kind of foliage! This would make a great gift for a Gardener chap or any man who loves a bit of greenery! 

Only £26.99 from PrezzyBox

Matt would love these personalised wine glasses, we need a few extra wine glasses and these are just fab! 

Priced £19.95 from PrezzyBox

I love this keyring, its so sweet and i love how real it looks! This is a great gift idea from NotOnTheHighStreet

So, there you have it. A few simple gift ideas from me!

  Happy Valentines :-)

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