Wednesday, 8 February 2017

In review: Schleich Wild Life Starter set

We were delighted to be asked to review the wild life starter set from Schleich.
The starter set includes a zebra, elephant, monkey & lion, & we had a lot of fun photographing the animals in the make-believe jungle that is our back garden!


The Schleich brand started in Germany in the 1930's & they have always been very well-known in
Europe, with an increase in popularity in the UK within recent years. The brand is known for the       exceptionally high-quality of the toys that it produces. 

The attention to detail on these figures is superb, they are well suited to the target age-range of 3-6 year olds.

From our proud lion patrolling the tall grass, to the graceful elephant making it's journey across dusty gravel
we had great fun with our wild life starter set.

The toys are fun for kids to play with & let there imaginations run wild, with the added benefit of having educational value.
Unlike cheaper wildlife models that have the tendency to topple over, with an overall poor resemblance to the animals that they portray, The Schleich figures are robust & sturdy, the hand-painted figures look so much like the real thing!


The Wild life starter set is available in the majority of toy-shops across the UK.  R.R.P £14.99

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