Monday, 16 January 2017

Our Top 5 Games for Children & Pickin' Chickens Game Giveaway

 Every weekend evening in our house, we have family time together after Tea. The kids favourite thing to do is watch  film on DVD or Netflix, with popcorn and lots of goodies to eat!
Sometimes there can be a disagreement on which film we're going to watch... in fact, almost everytime there will be a disagreement, but we usually manage to sort it out and choose a film that everybody likes.

Although i love watching films with the kids, i am quite aware that it doesn't include our youngest child. He usually goes to bed before we start the film, mostly because he wouldn't sit through a film.
I feel really bad when he misses out on our family time, but i'm hoping it wont be too long before he starts enjoying films too.

So what can we do to include Kier in our family time in the evenings?
We have a stack of kids games but they rarely get played. I love playing games with the children. I remember playing games with my parents and sister, it was such good fun. My favourite game was Frustration. We have an Olaf version of it that we often play with our kids.

Most games start from age 4 so i thought Kier would still be too young to get involved with this, until i introduced him to a game called Pickin' Chickens. See full review here.
He loves playing this game, he understands what to do and it's so nice to see him getting involved. He first played the game in September, back then he didn't understand as much as he does now which is great!
We usually play this game just for Kier before he goes to bed, so he has also enjoyed some family time. Then later on we usually play a game more suited to the girls ages.

                                     Our top 5 Games from children aged 6 - 9 years

                                                                   The Game of Life

This game is quite new to us, the girls received it for Christmas after they had played it over at a friends house and told me how good it was.
Its quite a long time, we played it for around 1 hour a few nights ago! Lottie really enjoys it and i think it's probably her favourite game at the moment!

I think it's really good for kids to play a game like this from a young age. It teaches them about money, careers and decision making, but in a really fun way!

Guess Who?

What a fantastic game, I feel like i dont really need to say anything about this one because everyone has played it! It was always one of my faves as a child. There are many other editions available, my girls have the Disney Princess edition which is also great fun. I could play this game over and over again and not get bored!

Shhh! Don't Wake Dad!

My younger self would have loved this game. Creeping around the board and over the bed, being careful not to wake dad, but it's hard when you have to keep pressing his alarm clock! When he wakes up he really makes you jump, his face full of hilarious expression and he jumps up from his pillow. This game is a hit with all kids, even ones who don't like jumpy games like me kids!! See full review here.

Googly Eyes

This game is one of Amelies favourites. Roll the dice to find out which silly lenses you have to wear inside the glasses while you draw your picture. The card you choose will tell you what picture to draw. It's really funny and really silly! Amelie loves to play this game with friends!

Pickin Chickens

Last is Kier's favourite, Pickin' Chickens!  Try to collect all your chickens before the naughty fox pops up! So colourful and so cute!  a simple game for little ones who are just learning to take turns and follow rules in gaming. 

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning your own game of Pickin' Chickens, simply complete the Rafflecopter below. Competition ends Monday 23rd January. Good Luck!

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  1. Looks like a fun game, thanks for the competition, we enjoy board game time! x