Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Our Christmas

 Well hello 2017!  It feels like i've been away from my blog for such a long time. Today we took all our Christmas decorations and tree down so it now feels like Christmas and New Year celebrations are officially over and it's time to get back to it!
I started back at work on Tuesday so i've had a nice long break and re-charged my batteries as they say!!

It only feels right that my first post of the year should be nothing more than Christmas pictures and details about how we spent our days and what lovely gifts we received!

First of all, i just want to add how my perfect family Christmas plan seemed to be falling apart on the 22nd December when Kier came down with a very sore throat and a cold. He hadn't een himself in the day, and that evening just as i came down the stairs with piles of toys to wrap up and mounds of wrapping paper, bows and sellotape..... Kier woke up!  "it will be alright, he will just want a little drink" i told myself.  Nope... he didn't want a drink. He was screaming his head off in pain. I gave him calpol, i gave him cuddles... i even covered all the presents up and brought him downstairs to try and calm him down. Nothing worked! By the time he went back to sleep it was 1am and way too late to start wrapping up presents. So they all went back in the Garage unwrapped! The next day was much better, Kier seemed to be a lot better after having some antibiotics from the Doctor. We were able to go to my sisters Christmas Eve Eve party (we do every year) and luckily Kier seemed fine, he really enjoyed the party. The girls did too, it was really fun and festive as it always is! Hats off to Hayley!!

So by Christmas eve there were still many presents that needed to be wrapped. It was very stressful, not my usual chilled out Christmas eve sitting by the fire watching Home Alone!
Note to self - next year start wrapping in November!!!  it's never too early to start!

It all got done in the end, i was completely worn out by 2am on Christmas eve when i finally got to bed! It was worth it though, it always is!

Our fantastic Gingerbread House Effort!!

Sprinkling their Reindeer Food

All ready for Bed on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning, Amelie wakes up at 5am. She is told that it is still night time and to hop back into bed! Luckily.. she did!
Then the children all wake up at 8am (i'm a much nicer person at 8am than i am at 5am!) So we all got up and ran downstairs to see if he had been!!!!   and YES, he had been!!!

Here was our view!

The 3 of them all dived in to their piles of presents. It was lovely to see them all with so much energy and so much excitement! They loved everything they opened.
Amelie got her much wanted Puppy, Lottie got her giant Unicorn that she was worried might not fit on Santa's sleigh!  and Kier got his TeleTubbies vacuum cleaner that he had been talking about getting since October!   3 very happy and over excited children!

This Year was our first year making our own Christmas Dinner - well to be totally honest Matt actually made all the dinner himself, and he cleared it all away too! My job was to make the table look pretty :-)

Matt and I found a few spare moments to open our presents from each other! It's never easy with 3 kids passing you boxes to open and batteries to insert into their new toys every 5 minutes!  But we managed it! Matt got me some really lovely gifts. They were such thoughtful gifts and i feel bad that i still haven't taken them out of the gift bag and found a home for each one!

I also received a big pile of presents from my mum and dad and my mother in law. Every year they buy me so many lovely presents and give me money to spend in the sales. It's really lovely that even with so many Grandchildren they still think of me and the things i like :-)

Boxing day was a bit of a blur. Unfortunately i got sick with a sore throat, achey bones and a cold. For the first time in years i could not host my boxing day buffet! I was really upset about this. I spent the whole day in bed as i had no energy at all and felt so poorly. Matt cheered me up by placing a Hetty Hoover on the sofa next to me in the evening. He didn't tell me he had bought it for me that day, he didn't even hint that he might buy it for me! He knew i really wanted it but i never expected him to buy it as it's quite expensive! It really cheered my miserable day up!  On December 28th I did a late boxing day Buffet! I was feeling much better and it felt just like it was Boxing day anyway! So it all worked out pretty well.

More presents waiting for the children from mum and dad!

The girls with their new pets! (Snuggles my dream Puppy and a Hedgy!)

So that was our Christmas - it was perfect in so many ways but why does it have to be over so soon?! How was you Christmas? How excited were your children? I love to read your comments so please leave me lots!!

 Happy New Year to all my readers :-)

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely christmas (besides the last minute wrapping haha) I hope you and your family are having a great start to 2017! #sharingthebloglove

  2. Oh, your photos of your kids in the living room surrounded by presents and wrapping paper just sums up Christmas! I feel your pain on the perfect family Christmas going to pot though - my son broke out in chickenpox on Christmas Eve and that meant that my sister and her family couldn't join us over Christmas, and my inlaws wouldn't have us round on Boxing Day either! Not quite what we'd been planning. But it didn't stop all the excitement for my son - he had an amazing time! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. It sounds like you have had a magical Christmas, between the illnesses and the never ending wrapping at least! I always underestimate how long it's going to take me to wrap everything and end up in a last minute panic. It wouldn't be Christmas otherwise haha. Wishing you a fantastic New Year lovely. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #DreamTeam x

  4. What lovely photos, just as I imagine Christmas to be. Christmas never seems to go to plan. My husband was taken sick on Christmas Day evening and spent the day in bed on Boxing Day! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x