Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Children's Goals for 2017

 This month Amelie and Lottie have been talking about their New Years Resolutions and what they might like to achieve this year. They came up with some very sensible ideas!
Lottie has decided that she would like to try swimming lessons again, she tried it for a year but didn't achieve much so we decided to take a break, now that shes nearly 7 we think the time is right for her to give it another go! Amelie would like to try her best at Maths and is hoping to move up a level at school, she has always struggled with this particular subject and i think she is now realizing that she can do better if she puts more effort in and believes in herself.

Amelie would also like to push herself to try more at Gymnastics. She has only been going to Gymnastics since October so she is still very new to it, but as she is super flexible her coaches expect her to be good at the bar work and flips too. Amelie struggles with this, she is scared to try some things but really wants to! We are hoping that this will be the year she puts her fears behind her and starts learning to do some amazing flips and give the bars a try!

Today, i decided to show the girls some YouTube clips from the Paraolympics. They had never heard of it before. They were amazed to see people with serious disabilities achieving so much. I am hoping that this helped them to understand that anything is possible and they can achieve their goals if they really want to.

I really enjoyed reading these success stories from Mobility Nationwide, who enable travel for those with a disability or impairment that cannot travel in standard transport.

Do your little ones have goals they hope they achieve this year? Please comment below!


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  1. Ah this is great. Nice for them to have some goals. Tyne told me his new years resolution was to do chores and take the trash out. He's failed already ;)

    Thank you for joining us at #SundayBest - hope to see you again tomorrow! xx