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Essential things not to be forgotten when sending your child on a school trip

School trips are something that is pretty common these days. But they can cause a lot of stress for you the parent, especially when you get lumbered with all the prep and packing! This can be compounded if the trip is in another country. As there is, even more,  to think about. But have no fear! Below is a quick guide on some of the most popular school trip locations and the key items that you will need to pack for your children for each one.


If your child gets the opportunity to travel to China with the school, there is one thing that you don't want to forget to include in their luggage.

That is food. Ok, so you cannot, I repeat cannot take anything fresh into China, but they can take some pre-packaged items like cereal bars. If you are unsure, check here for guidance.

This can be a real life saver for your little one, especially if they don't take to the indigenous cuisine too well. Which is notably different that what we are used to in the UK. Balut anyone?!


Your offspring may get the opportunity to visit Switzerland with their school. Which is often a popular location for language practice. As they speak French, German and Italian there. As well as doing a pretty good job with English as well.

If so, then, packing appropriate clothing for their break is essential. The problem here is that so many people associated Switzerland with skiing, and snow and winter activities. They forget that it is absolutely roasting hot in the summer, and pack the wrong sort of clothes entirely. Yes, a few jumpers and hoodies are useful. But for a summer trip, layers consisting of shorts and t-shirts are much more practical.


Another popular location is Spain, with many kids attending school trips to Barcelona. To pack for this break, you must ensure that they have at least two pairs of comfortable shoes for walking.

Yes, I know that they want to look fashionable and cool, and be the envy of their classmates. But on city breaks like this, there is so much walking involved. That means if they don't have a decent pair of walking shoes, they will be spending more time tending their blisters, than impressing their peer group.


Some lucky kids even get the chance to visit the USA on school trips. If this is the case for your child, you’ll be lucky to get them to pack anything at all. As they will want to keep their suitcases as empty as possible so they can return with cheap trainers, and gadgets that are available over there.


Having said that, it is important to pack the basics as they won't want to be shopping all the time that they are out there. It is also worth bearing in mind that the flight to America is a long one. So pack things in their hand luggage to keep them amused, and load suitable apps on their mobile that will help them pass them time on the way to and from their airport.

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