Thursday, 19 January 2017

Creating the Perfect Office at Home

 I have never worked in an office, but have always envied office workers who have big spacious desks, no clutter in sight, massive computer screens, comfortable chairs, a perfectly packed pen pot and a lovely office light that actually works, maybe even a fancy plant on the side.

As i only blog for a few hours each evening, i don't need a huge office, what i've got is fine. But what I would really love is maybe...

Something like this?

Nothing too fancy, just a nice uncluttered bit of space to do my blog work!

My computer desk is situated in a corner in our playroom, it's usually piled with little toys and all kinds of stuff that i'd rather not be on there. I keep telling myself that i'll sort it out and make my little home office space as lovely as the one in the picture.

Today i have put together a few ideas on how to create the perfect office space, i'm looking forward to posting picures of my own home office space just as soon as i have glammed it up a touch!

Be Organised

I like to think i'm quite an organised person, but the fact that my kids are usually 5 minutes late for school and dance class everyday makes me think that perhaps i got it wrong? Maybe i'm not at all organised? I try to be! I have their uniforms all laid out ready for them in the morning, i have packed lunches ready, shoes by the door all ready for them... but it doesn't make any difference!

So, no i'm not really all that organised, and neither is my computer desk! This is the one thing in my house that SHOULD be nice and tidy and well organised, because it's where i'll spend a few hours in the evening. The thing is, even if you do tidy up your computer desk and give it a polish, organised books and folders and drawers... it's never going to stay that way, is it?! Unless you're super organised and keep on top of it at least once a week? I think this is the only way you're going to have a perfectly organised desk/office.

Make it Comfortable

It can be quite depressing to sit in the one spot all day, specially if that spot is your dedicated work space. You need that place to be bright, cheerful and most importantly, comfortable. Achieving this can be easier than you think. There are plenty of really comfortable chairs available to buy, you don't have to spend a lot of money if you shop sensibly. Shopping online is probably the quickest and easiest way to find what you are looking for. Maybe have a plant on your desk, it's nice to have something living near you when you're surrounded by technology! 

Keep it stocked up

Now is the time to buy useful bits for your office, with so many sales around this month there's no excuse not to stock up on printer paper, pens, binders, stationery essentials and so on. I recently came across a website selling office furniture for work online - Furniture At Work™  
lots of useful things and some great bargains. I think this is probably the only good thing about January!

Look out for some fun accessories for your Desk

I don't have much space on my current computer desk, but if i did i would definitely have some of these fab office accessories!

I think i'm going to be needing a much bigger desk!

I'd love to hear about your own home or work office space and any ideas you have to improve it? Please leave comments!!

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