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Bring hotel luxury to each room in your house with these easy tips

For the average earning family, the dream of owning a luxurious, fancy home usually seems pretty off-limits. Not only can you not justify spending a lot of money on posh interiors and decor, but even if you did, they would only end up ruined or broken at the hands of your children anyway! Luxury and kids are not exactly renowned for being the best combination in the world, after all. But take a look at your home and see if you are truly happy with what you see. A threadbare, clearly ageing home is not what most of us dreamt of - and when your home is your most expensive asset to date, seeing it go to ruins can be pretty disheartening. There's no reason why you can't have a beautiful home that equates to, if not exceeds the appearance of your single, childless friends homes too.  You might just need to be savvy about just how you go about creating it. Some cheap items do, unfortunately, look cheap as well. Not having an eye for this could mean that your home ends up looking tacky, rather than deceptively chic. But using an eye for detail and being smart about the kind of interiors you choose for your home could mean that your luxury property is closer than you think.

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The bathroom

Everyone dreams of having an at-home spa. After a stressful day, sometimes all we want to do is to sink into a hot bubble bath and wash away the day. When your spa is your family bathroom, however, this doesn't always go to plan. Stepping on a rubber duck, spying toothpaste stains on the sink (you swear you only cleaned it yesterday!) and dealing with horrible strip lighting doesn't exactly make for the most relaxing environment. But just a few small additions can easily transform your bathroom from drab to fab. Picture a spa or a hotel bathroom in your mind and take some inspiration from them. What are the things they all tend to have in common? Well, to start with everything is matching. So treat yourself to some new bath towels and floor mats - chances are your old ones needed replacing anyway. Incorporate your shower curtain into this colour scheme too if you see fit to do so (you will probably need to replace this too if it has been on the go for a few months). Use metal or wicker baskets to clear away any clutter and add a few scented candles to complete the spa look. Soak into the bubbles with a nice bath bomb and you won't think for a second that you are actually in your family bathroom!

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The bedroom

When you book to stay in a fancy hotel, you just know you are going to get a great night's sleep. So why not try and emulate that in your own home too? The best starting point is a really great bed and mattress. Go for a frame that won't creak or squeak, and consider buying a quality mattress. Certain brands are still expensive, so unfortunately, this isn't really an area where you can cut too many corners. But there are still some great vi spring mattress alternatives that can give you a comfy and cosy night's sleep. Once you've chosen your bed basics (don't forget the mattress protector!) it's time to adorn the bed with some beautiful linens. White looks classic and chic, but if you find it a bit boring, don't be afraid to use a bit of colour. Get a nice thick quilt and the kind of pillows that allow you to sink into them. Finish with a soft throw and voila! You won't be able to stop thinking about your bed all day. As far as the rest of the room goes, lighting is incredibly important. Make sure you have the option to use different types of lighting in your bedroom, depending on what takes your mood. Investing in a beautiful dressing table is another way to make your room look immediately more expensive. Don't buy a brand new one - this will only cost you a lot of money. Instead, buy a second hand one, or consider upcycling one yourself to give it a new lease of life. A fresh vase of flowers and a few trinkets never go amiss in a bedroom either.

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The living room

As soon as evening hits and the kids are home from school, the living room can become a bit of a hub of activity. There's usually some kind of argument over what to watch on the television and it can be hard to hear yourself think over the bickering. In order to make it easier for all this to just wash over you, concentrate on having a beautiful, luxurious looking space to relax in. Plus, having a stunning living room is great when it comes to having friends over or entertaining. The first thing is to do is think carefully about the layout. Most living rooms are naturally built around a fireplace, with all the furniture laid out around it. If you have a fireplace of your own, try sticking to this rule. If you don't, use a different focal point. This could be your television, a feature wall or even a bay window. A coffee table never goes amiss either, but if yours is old and scratched you might want to replace it with a newer one. Glass always looks chic and modern, although be aware of children's sticky fingerprints! A really easy way to make your living room look more luxurious is to dress your coffee table (or in fact, any surfaces that are in the room). A couple of 'coffee table books' - designed for flicking through at leisure - a burning candle and a vase of flowers all adds to that Pinterest-worthy aesthetic. Remember, you don't need to spend a fortune on anything in your home in order to give it that expensive look - just get create and see what you can do.

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