Sunday, 18 December 2016

What do Grandparents really want for Christmas?

 All grandparents are different, but my parents and my partners parents love nothing more than cheesy photographs of all the family together. I find it extremely difficult to buy Christmas presents for my parents, they have everything they want already, so apart from chocolates or flowers.. what else is there?!

I have bought so many canvas prints of the children for mum and dad over the years, there's probably no more space on their walls so what else is there? Well, after my mum phoned me up the other evening telling me she had accidentally deleted all of her pictures of the children from her phone, I had an idea!

What could be better than a photobook for each set of grandparents? You can't beat personalised gifts at Christmas. They have so much sentimental value and will last forever.
Photobooks are very reasonably priced, they are easy to create online and you can choose all your own photos and put them in the order you want them to be in, you may be able to add messages too!

I'm going to let the children give the photobook i have made to mum and dad, they will enjoy showing it to them and telling them about each photograph in the book.

In my photobook i have added some photo's that my parents haven't seen in a while and i know they don't have copies of. This photo in particular is very special to our family because it's of Amelie meeting her cousin for the first time, Tyne. My parents first ever Grandson and my first ever nephew.

Pictures like this give photobooks so much meaning. In the new year i am hoping to create a photobook for myself to keep. I am so many lovely pictures on my phone but these pictures deserve to be in their own special book that i can keep forever. This may just have to be one of my new years resolutions! 

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