Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Year of The Best School Nativity Ever

 I still remember practicing for my school Nativity plays, one year in particular really stands out in my mind. I was new to the school, i had only been in my new school for about a week and straight away i had to rehearse for a play. I was asked if i would like to be an Angel, although now i realize that my mum probably asked if i could be an angel! My new school was so relaxed, the teachers were so easy going. I didn't feel under any pressure and i still remember singing the songs and enjoying being part of it.
Although i really enjoyed being an angel, the next year I was hoping for a better part. Maybe a lead role.. maybe I could be Mary!!
Unfortunately, that never happened! I never did get to be Mary and i remember feeling so jealous when my friend did.

Now i'm a Mummy of 3 with my own little ones attending School, with my eldest being 9 years old, and my 2nd daughter being 6 years old i've now sat through around 6 Nativity plays, and a few Harvest Festival plays. I remember Amelie's first play. She played the part of a Star, she was still in Nursery class but performed with reception class and years 1 and 2. She looked so tiny, the cutest little Star i had ever seen!

Amelie in her first ever Nativity!

I was happy that she got the part of a Star, because after that she was never really given a special part, just a background part with no lines. She would usually be standing at the back so i couldn't even take a decent picture of her!

Just like the younger me, I now dreamt of my own child being cast as a lead role. How cute my little girl would look as Mary or The Angel Gabriel. It never happened and now she no longer does Nativity plays at school.
Lottie is in year 2 now. Last Christmas she played the part of a Sheep in her Nativity play. She got very upset when she saw me in the audience and had to be taken off stage and brought over to me. We have had a similar experience at her Dance School's annual show. She was terrified of going on stage and almost didn't go on stage at all. I realized then that my little Lottie suffers stage freight and will probably never really enjoy being in the spot light.

Then a few weeks ago, something very unexpected happened. As we were driving to Ballet class, Lottie randomly told me "Oh by the way Mummy, i'm playing Mary in the School Nativity Play!" She said it as if she was telling me what she'd ate for lunch that day. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but i knew she must have it wrong, she wouldn't be Mary, My kids don't get picked to be main parts. I'm the mum who sits back and watches other mums bursting with pride as they watch their brave and confident children shouting their lines out as main characters or being selected to do solo dances for competitions. My kids are quiet, they don't get chosen. There was no way she could have been chosen to play Mary. I felt sorry for her that she must have got confused. Maybe she was just the understudy?
When we got out of the car, I asked her more about it. She got her script out of her bag and said "Yea, i'm Mary.. see!"  I wanted to cry! I couldn't believe my little girl had been chosen to play Mary.

Sure it wasn't a major production with lots of lines to learn. It was just a little school play, she only had a few lines to say! I didn't care though, i was so proud of her but also very worried that Mary would be getting carried out the stage and brought to mummy again!

Today was the big day! Lottie mentioned that she was nervous about the play. So i was a little worried.
Then she came out with Joseph and the Angels. My smiley little girl dressed as Mary. She remembered everything and said her line promptly and so loud! Not the usual quiet little mouse tone!
A couple of children did get upset and had to be taken off stage, but this year it wasn't my child!

The play was really good and all did children did a great job. I love Nativity plays and have enjoyed seeing my children in all the plays they have been in. This one was extra special to me as it will be Lottie's last Nativity play at School. She will be in Juniors next year! Luckily I have 1 more child who hasn't yet started school, that gives me another 3 Nativity plays to enjoy!!

I'm over the moon that i finally got my super proud mummy moment even if it was only a school play! I will be keeping her sweet little Mary costume to remember and show her when shes older :-)

Has your child performed in a School Nativity this year? If so, i'd love to hear who they played and how it went in the comments :-)

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  1. Awwwwww so lovely!!! I remember you wanting to be Mary in the school play. I was such a geek, I remember really wanting to be the narrator instead of Mary...Mum only ever wanted us to be angels lol!!

    Well done Lottie, she's the perfect little Mary xx

  2. Ahh this is great, I love the nativity plays or anything with my boys in if I'm honest. Well done all of you
    Mainy x

  3. Aww that's so sweet! My eldest was a star along with the rest of the nursery children. So cute! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x