Monday, 12 December 2016

MathsRockx - How this app has helped my child improve so quickly

 A little while ago i reviewed a brand new Maths app for children called Mathsrockx with my little girl, if you did miss the post you can read it here.
The app was a huge success with my 9 year old daughter who does struggle to remember her times tables. As she is a huge lover of music she was very much into the idea of her favourite popstars singing their times tables rather than their usual song lyrics!

The times tables are now fresh in her mind in the tune of  One Direction and Lady Gaga's popular hits! I think this app is incredible for children of this age who are struggling to remember their times tables like Amelie was.

Amelie has told a few of her friends about the app and i hear they too have downloaded some of the tables, soon her whole class will be rocking along with Mathsrockx!

What is included in the app?

In my opinion, this app is probably going to be the best value for money app you have ever purchased. You can buy the complete set which includes all the tables for just £7.99 or if you prefer to try it out first you can download it for free and add tables to it for 79p each, which is good if your child needs to brush up on only 1 or 2 of their times tables.
Amelie loves all the songs included so for us this app has been amazing and has helped her so much.

Warning - you will catch yourself singing along too!!!

The app is available to download now on Android and Itunes.

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