Monday, 19 December 2016

Kidscast - a few new way to entertain kids

 School is out for Christmas and there are 6 whole days to keep them busy before the big day. My kids are all so over excited right now. They have so much energy and i'm finding it hard to control them. The weather is miserable in Devon so we can't go anywhere outdoors and all the indoor places are so pricey!
We have spent a lot of time doing Christmas crafts but i'm thinking they have even become bored of that!

We are very much looking forward to trying out Kidscast, the new website and app for children aged 3 - 12 years! Kidscast has everything your kids will need to keep them occupied, educational fun, games, and their favourite programmes such as Om Nom stories, Little Monsters, Rainbow, Sooty, Creepy Crawlies, The wind and the Willows and many more!  You can download your favourite games to your device and play then both online or offline!

  The best thing about this app is that it promises no in app purchases or adverts, we mummies are daddies know too well how annoying those are!
Join the kids cast club for reading, writing and drawing fun, plus lots of fun activities!

Sign up for your 7 day free trial to see what you think? It will definitely keep them busy while they have so much free time! After that you will only pay £3.99 per month!
Coming very soon to the app store and google play!

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