Saturday, 3 December 2016

In Review - Magic Dip Dye Art Centre


 This weekend we have been trying out a fantastic "bigger kids" creative art Centre.
 I don't know how other mums of older children feel but this year I am really struggling to choose gifts
 suitable for a 9 year old! It's such a difficult age because they arn't into Barbies anymore but they arn't old enough to be receiving clothes and perfume as Christmas gifts!

When we received The Magic Dip Dye Centre by Character i knew right away that Amelie would love it. Shes always been very creative and she loves to design and make her own things.
Once she even made a pair of shoes from cardboard and asked if she could wear them outside!!

This creative art station allows you to easily marbelise anything you want! That's right, anything! The rule is... if you can dip it then you can colour it!!  (maybe hide your pets when this one comes out the box!)

Material works really well. and each time you dip dye you will have a unique design! It's amazing and really fun. Both of my girls aged 9 and 6 love using it.
I know it sounds quite messy, but it's really not that bad at all! (I'm blessed with wooden floors!)

The ,agic Dip Dye Art Centre comes with 1 design Art studio, 6 colour paint bottles, 1 large bowl, 1 small bowl, glossy spray, glitter, stirrers, a pair of tweezers, a glove, A7 greeting cards, A5 greeting cards, gems. The set also includes objects to dip such as Charms, a Photo frame, hair bands and an arm ring.

This brilliant gift idea is available from all good toy stores priced £29.99

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