Thursday, 15 December 2016

In Review: Giant Connect 4 Garden Game

 A little while ago, we were sent a giant garden game for the children (and us!) which i put in the Garage to store for a while. Last week we took it out of the Garage and set it up in the Garden for the children to play with.

The game is called Big 4 and it really is Giant! So tall that my 3 year old had to use a stool to help him reach the top! It came from Big Game Hunters, click here to see their connect 4 range.

Amelie, Lottie and Kier have already had so much fun in the garden with this game. I love seeing them having something fun to do outside. If it wasn't for this game they wouldn't be spending much time at all outside and i think it's important that they get some fresh air this time of year, specially as the weather is so mild for December!

The girls enjoy playing the game by the rules, the first colour to get 4 in a row wins the game. Kier however, just likes slotting the large brightly coloured plastic discs through and watching them drop to the bottom!

The frame on this game is wooden, it is good solid wood and is still in perfect condition after being out in the rain a few times. It's really heavy so it's unlikely to blow over and get damaged in the wind. The measurements are 120cm x 120cm x 4.8cm and it weighs 15kg. So it really is quite big and probably only suitable for children over 4 years. For younger children or for families with a small outdoor area there is a medium sized version of the game called Jumbo 4 which you can find more details about online.

Big 4 is easy to set up, it took me about 10 minutes. The sides come off for easy storage, and it makes it a lot easier to carry!

As a childminder and parent of 3, a game like this in the Garden is essential. We do have a trampoline but when i have 3 children to look after plus my own 3 after school a trampoline can be a worry! So we can only let the children use it one at a time which means the other children are bored waiting for their turn. We have positioned our Big 4 next to the Trampoline so the children have something fun to do while waiting for their turn. They all love it so we are now deciding on which giant game to add to our Garden next! Big Game Hunters have a good selection of giant games - perfect for any time of year. Have a look at all their giant games here

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