Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Health and Safety

Christmas is now just 20 days away!  As i drove through town today I looked around at all the hussle bussle going on, everywhere was busy. There were so many cars on the road, traffic jams, people rushing across pedestrian crossings. It was MANIC!
As we get closer and closer to the big day, the town is going to get busier and most people are just too busy to think about health and safety.

Christmas is a very important time to think about staying safe, because it's the time of year when most people forget all about health and safety.

So today i'm going to be sharing a few tips which i'm hoping people will think about and remember when they are rushing around this Christmas.

Tip 1 
Keep your Home Safe  -  Don't overload Sockets

If you're like me, you may like to decorate your home with lots of pretty twinkly Christmas lights. They look lovely and the more lights the better! But please remember not to over load sockets. If you need a lot of sockets maybe try purchasing a 4 or 8 gang socket board. 
Maybe you could avoid using so much electricity completely by purchasing some Battery operated lights, they even do battery operated lights for outdoors now too! In fact i bought some from Wilkinsons yesterday and i can't believe how lovely they are!

Tip 2
  Stay Safe at Work

The Christmas before last was a pretty miserable one for me and my family. Every Christmas my parents travel from Liverpool to Devon to stay near by in a hotel, we have dinner together and open presents, it's what we have always done. But that year, my mum had a terrible accident at work. She slipped over in the hospital kitchen where she was working longer hours, she fell onto her side and had to be taken to A&E, they told her she would need to have a hip replacement. This was only 3 weeks before Christmas. We were all hoping she would recover in time for Christmas so we could spend it together, but unfortunately after her operation she was unable to walk and couldn't handle a long car journey. We didn't see my parents over Christmas but me and my sister traveled to Liverpool to see them straight after boxing day. 

My mum is still unsure what caused her to slip, maybe she was rushing to get her long shift finished? Maybe the floor was unsafe? When something like this happens it really opens your eyes to what can happen when you're rushing.  Slow down and take care when at work.

There are many online courses you can take focused on general health and safety issues found in the workplace. I stumbled across NEBOSH Certificate Courses earlier when i was thinking about health and safety issues.

Tip 3

   Take Care whilst Driving

This was is the one i feel very strongly about. In Devon there are many impatient drivers. I always find people over taking me when they really shouldn't just because i'm not going as fast as they would like. I'm not a slow driver, i drive at the speed limits, but for crazy Devonian drivers that's not fast enough. 

In the run up to Christmas the traffic conditions are going to get worse and some people will be traveling at a much faster speed.  Everybody should take more care when driving in the Winter, but not many people do!
Tyre's should be checked around this time, but not many people do that either. 

Take care behind the wheel this Christmas, check your tyres and your speed. All your shopping will still get finished, and you'll be safe! :-) Ho ho ho.... 

There are so many ways to stay safer this Christmas but i have shared my thoughts on the ones I feel are most important.
Stay safe this Christmas and have a very jolly one!!!

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