Sunday, 27 November 2016

What we're Loving this Month - November

 November is one of my favourite months of all. I love going for walks in the cold crisp air. I love buying Hats, Scarves and gloves for all the children! Most of all I love the build up to Christmas, it's by far the best part!! This Friday the children will stay up late decorating the house with me and Matt. Then when they're tucked up in their little beds I will of course re-arrange it all to my standard!

As we head out of November and into the magical month of December, i'd just like to share with you what we have loved this month.

                                                            What i've been loving.........

This month i have welcomed some new little ones into my Childcare setting. This is a big deal for me as i have only  had 1 child on my register for the past few years. Now with 4 on Register (not all at the same time thankfully!) I feel my job is finally at the stage ive been aiming for. I love welcoming new faces and i'm so lucky that the children I look after, who are all girls ages 2 to 3 years, have been lovely well behaved children who enjoy coming to me.  Things have never been better! Now they are all bursting with excitement for Christmas and really can't get enough of the Christmas Crafts. It really is the best job ever!

What Matt is Loving...

A few weeks ago Matt and I headed to Otter Nurseries Garden Centre for a child free day of shopping and lunch. It was a very chilled out day and we enjoyed every second! I spent a hideous amount of money on outdoor christmas decorations and Matt bought some lovely indoor decorations which don't scream Christmas at all, they arn't tacky in any way and they were a great price.

Everyone who has come into our home has commented on these Bottles, which are battery operated. Matt wanted them out in our front room right away. They are so different, i'm thinking we may keep them out all year round!

What Amelie and Lottie are Loving...

Amelie and Lottie loved staying up late o watch Children in Need last week. They have only ever watched clips of it pre recorded. This year I thought i would let them stay up with popcorn and sweeties to watch the event that they have heard so much about from School. They stayed up until 9.30. I'm glad they missed one of the really upsetting video's about a family who had lost both of their children. I cried so much watching it and I think something like that is just too sad for young children to see. The video's that they did see were of course very sad, but didn't involve death. Watching children in Need made the girls realize just how lucky they are. I think it's good for children to know about what other people are going through, just to make them understand that not everything in life is happy and fantastic. I hope it has taught them that next time they feel upset because there arn't any of their favourite biscuits in the cupboard... that some people out there have far worst problems. 

What Kier is Loving....

Kier is really getting into the festive spirit already! He has already learnt to sing "Jingle Bells" all by himself, we're working on "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Last night we took the children to see the Christmas Lights being switched on in Town. It was a lovely event and we even got see meet Santa himself. He handed out packets of Haribo to the children. Kier was so excited to meet Santa. Today he keeps telling me "Santa gave me sweeties!!"

I can't wait to see his little face when we take him to Santa's Grotto next week!

So that's all our favourite moments and things from this month!!
Next month you will be hearing all about what Santa brought us!!!

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  1. oh wow those bottles are really great aren't they! Never seen anything like them, but am loving it #sundaybest

  2. I love those bottles, they are really cool! Hope you have fun at Santa's grotto! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x