Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Money Worries & Christmas - You're not alone

 Last year i somehow survived Christmas (financially) and I really don't know how because I was a childminder without any children on register! I remember having a lot of help from parents but it never feels right taking money from them. I felt miserable seeing all the lovely Christmas Jumpers and PJ'S in the supermarkets, all the extra festive things that you don't actually need but really really want!

This year is completely different but still a struggle. This year I have a full childcare register and am earning enough money to afford everything we need this Christmas.
I am still finding it hard though, because as soon as the money comes in it's straight back out again, there is no time to save any money in November and December, and it will take a few months to build up a healthy bank balance again i'm sure!

As well as all the gift buying there is also the added expense of Festive days out and Santa visits. Last year we went to Paultons Park to see Peppa Pig World at Christmas, we also did the polar express train ride which cost £100.  Many families just can't afford to do anything like this.

I never thought about taking out a short term loan before, but for the little extra things that make Christmas magical i think it is definitely something I would do. Especially as there are so many companies now that make it easy to understand and are happy to talk you through it.
After a little research online, i now have a plan of action if I don't have enough work on next year to get me through that very expensive time!

Tomorrow is December 1st, and almost all of my Christmas shopping is done!  It's a nice feeling but i'll feel so much better when it's all done and i can sit back and enjoy it, watching my 3 little darlings opening their presents on Christmas Morning!

                                                                   Happy Times!!

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