Monday, 7 November 2016

MathsRockx - A great new Times Tables app for Kids

 For many children Times Tables can be a real struggle. Being unsure of them can hold your child back and prevent them from doing well in the subject.
I was always rubbish at Maths when I was at school, i still am now! It started from being unsure of my times tables and eventually having a fear of all Maths!

Amelie is 9, shes the youngest in year 5 and she is struggling with Maths just like I did. She knows the easier times tables but struggles with 7's and 8's. I tried downloading a Maths games on her tablet to help her but she never wanted to play on it, why would she? She has youtube kids on her tablet, shes able to listen to music from her favourite bands and play fun games. Why would any child choose to do Maths over that?

Last week i came across an amazing new Maths app for children called Maths Rockx. This app isn't the usual boring Maths app. It's actually fun and will make children want to learn their times tables! Why? Because it features music from their favourite bands and singers!

Your children can sing their times tables to the tune of their favourite songs by their favourite singers such as One Direction, Gaga, Pink, Pharrel Williams and more.. The tracks are well known, fun, upbeat, and very catchy! I've found myself singing along to them too!

The app was created by school teacher and mum or 2, Jo Otto, the app has already proven to be successful with thousands of primary school aged children. I'm so excited to see if this is the answer we have been waiting for!


How did Amelie find it?

It's still early days, i don't know yet how much she has learnt from the app so i will be reviewing it again in a months time and sharing my thoughts.
So far Amelie is really enjoying using the app, shes been using it for 2 days now and just loves singing along to her times table songs., and Lottie has been singing along too!
I have a positive feeling about it that's for sure :-)

To download the App visit itunes or google play app stores. Available for £7.99 including 11 songs. Download on iphone or android.

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