Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kazoops - just Imagine

 Most parents of Toddlers will have seen Kazoops, a popular children's all singing and dancing TV series. You may already know some of the tunes and hum along to them as you unload your dishwasher in the evening!!  Or is that just me!??

Kazoops was launched in July 2016, the music in this TV series has been inspiring young children with it's variety of genres and whimsical combinations of guitars, ukuleles, drums, glockenspiels, retro synths, string vocals and more.

Kier loves the songs in Kazoops, his favourite is the Matching Socks song. Kier has always had a bit of a Sock obsession so he finds this song really funny!

If your toddler loves the music from Kazoops then perhaps their new album titled "Just Imagine"  Vol-1 should be on their Christmas list!  Available to buy or stream now from Spotify, Amazon and Itunes.

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