Friday, 11 November 2016

In Review - The Lion Guard Defend the Pride Lands Play Set

 A while ago I received a lovely Lion Guard plush to review, this started off a slight Lion Guard craze with my 6 year old. She has become quite obsessed with Kion, he is Simba's son and is the main character in the Lion Guard TV series.

We often sit down and watch The Lion Guard on Disney Junior, the songs are very catchy, probably as fantastic as they are in the original Lion King film. The hilarious Timon and Pumbaa often appear in the tv series along with a few other characters from The Lion King.

I was a big fan of The Lion King when i was little, i remember having a really fun play set very similar to the Defend the Pride lands Play set.

Lottie and Kier have been playing nicely (and often arguing and screaming at each other) whilst playing with their new Lion Guard play set. I'd say it's most ideal for children aged 3 years and over.

This play set brings the iconic Pride Lands right into your living room, It includes Kion, the main character from The Lion Guard, and it has 6 interactive features.
There is a secret passage way, a collapsing rock edge, a bone trap, a waterfall and a motorized vine lift.

The bone trap is a favourite when Lottie and Kier are playing with the set, and the vine lift is a really fun feature. They can really let their imaginations run wild.
Now we just need to add some more figures to the set to make it even more fun!

There are many others toys from The Lion Guard range which i'm sure will be making it onto Lottie's Christmas list next month!!

      Defend the Pride Lands play set is available from most good toy shops priced £34.99

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