Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Going abroad with a big family


Go to your average hotel and they most likely offer a four bed room max. This doesn’t cater very well for families with growing litters of five. The only option is to buy another room, which is expensive and can often mean separating members of the family on different floors.
Bigger families therefore have to think bigger. This means forgetting hotels and moving onto alternative accommodation. Luckily such types exist all over the world, whether you’re venturing to Europe or crossing the pond to America.

Holiday Homes

Are vacation rentals truly yours? In the same way a rented flat is, yes they are! That means you can choose the living arrangements and pile as many people in per room as you see fit. Some holiday homes will come with added extras you couldn’t dream of in a hotel – like your own private pool, maybe even a Jacuzzi tub. Plus, you’ll get a kitchen for when you don’t want to spend money dining out. The main thing to remember is that you have to clean up after yourselves (there’s no daily cleaners), so be careful that the kids don’t run amok. Varieties include chalets, apartments, villas, cottages and even chateaus. Go off for an epic adventure by car in the day and return knowing that you’ve got a cosy home from home to come back to.


Hostels won’t have the same luxury as a holiday home, although are more affordable. Many allow you to rent a room with bedbunks in, often housing up to ten people. You should be able to rent your own room, so don’t let the fear of scary strangers put you off. If the kids are young, a hostel room allows you to keep a close and watchful eye on them as you’re all in the same space. Most hostels nowadays also provide very good quality breakfast - either continental or cooked. Showers can be shared facilities, but if you visit a good one, they’ll have an en suite. With the exception of the rooms, they are pretty much hotels.


The most rustic of all accommodation classes, camping with the kids will either be an exciting and energising prospect or your closest idea of hell. There are some absolutely huge tents on the market these days for large families, and whilst they do take longer to put up (pray it’s not raining), they can often be very cosy inside – modern materials offering warmth in the winter and ventilation in the summer. When choosing, try and seek a separate compartment for you and your partner and a separate one for the kids.

The bonus of this type of accommodation is that it costs hardly anything, allowing you to save up for other luxuries such as fine dining and maybe even a trip to local water park. The weather can be unpredictable, but the days of leaky tents are of a bygone era (unless the entrance zip breaks!!

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