Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Broken Kitchen Appliance Stress

 You know that feeling when you're trying to save for Christmas and you're doing really well, but then one of your more expensive Kitchen Appliances start playing up and you know, you just KNOW that your hard earned Christmas savings is actually going towards a new Washing Machine!
Then you wonder... do we really need a washing machine right now? Surely we can get by hand washing for a little while? Reality then kicks in when you see the piled up stack of dirty school uniforms and babygrows and you find yourself googling Cheap washing machines with your debit card in hand!

You're not alone, it's happened to most of us at some point!
Last year it was our Oven, I remember one year my car failed its m.o.t in DECEMBER and i ended up forking out hundreds for something or other for the car! I was so worried about getting through Christmas shopping after paying to have the car fixed, I even considered using public transport for the rest of the year! But it didn't come to that luckily!

I got myself a little part time job to earn a little extra and all was fine, the car got fixed and the kids got presents!!

I have learnt from my mistakes! Matt and I both have some savings ready for when our washing machine breaks down, we are guessing it will be the washing machine next as it's 8 years old and that is the life span of a cheaper washing machine!

Even with savings in place, never forget how easy it is to hunt down a good online bargain. No need to waste time and petrol by driving to your local B&Q!

  Thanks for Reading :-)

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