Friday, 4 November 2016

A Quick and Simple Way to Find Local Professionals

 This time last year Matt and I decided it would be great to get some professional photographs taken of the children as our last ones are so out of date, Kier isn't even on them!  We thought it would make a great Christmas present for both sets of Grandparents. Anyway, to cut a long story short.. we were really busy with work and we just didn't get around to making any phone calls or looking online for a local photographer.

So this year I have promised myself that we WILL get these photographs done and we'll start looking now. I stumbled upon a website called Bidvine, the website allows you to search for local professionals and receive quotes by email. You can search for any kind of professional, if takes about 5 minutes to answer the questions about what you are looking for, then once submitted all you need to do is sit back and wait for some emails!

I used the website to search for a local photographer, i'm keen to find someone who can travel to us as I think the children will be a lot more comfortable in their own environment which will result in happier smiley children on photographs!

I was surprised that i received an email quote only 45 minutes after completing my request on Bidvine. I am going to wait for more quotes to come in before I make my decision. I'm so pleased with this quick and simple new way to hire photographers!

  I'm sure i'll be using the website again soon when i'll be needing a painter and decorator in the new year!

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