Sunday, 23 October 2016

What we're Loving in October

So the Autumn is here, my fave time of year (weird I know!) and as i write this post in my Conservatory I can hear nothing but rain drops belting down on the roof, i'm cozy and warm so I don't mind :-)
See what we were loving last month if you missed it?

Here's what we are loving this month.....

Lets start with ME!

                                                                   What i'm Loving <3

Autumn!! I'm just loving shopping for lovely Autumn clothes and boots for my kids, haven't had chance (or money) to buy myself any yet but that's alright!
We have been doing some lovely Autumn crafts at home and today, Kier and I went out and found some crunchy leaves to play in!!

The girls have been choosing some things for Halloween. I love how the shops are filled with Halloween treats and Decor!
Lottie has chosen her Halloween outfit so now we just need to find something for Amelie and Kier. Every year we have gone to Liverpool to my parents house for Halloween, this year is going to be so different! Because the children are back to school on the 31st we couldn't stick to our usual plan, so good old Auntie Hayley is throwing a spooktacular Halloween party for the kids, shes really excited because she LOVES halloween  and i can assure you there will be a post about it on her blog!

                                                                       Matt is Loving <3

Matt has found the most AMAZING chocolate cake in the world, and it's only right that I share what it is and where to buy it from (as long as you don't live near us and buy it all from our local M&S store!!)

These Chocolate melting Brownies are the most scrummiest Chocolate cake i've ever had and ive had a lot of Chocolate cake in my life time! Matt loves them and has been buying them a lot lately, the only downside is that they come in a pack of 2... not really enough to go around a family of 5!!!

Available from M&S Food


                                                                   Amelie is Loving <3

3 weeks ago Amelie started Gymnastics. She had been on the waiting list for over a year and was so desperate to start. We decided to put her name down on a different Gymnastics waiting list, a little further away but we agreed that it didn't matter because she really wanted to do it. 6 months after putting her name down we were contacted to say there was space for her. She started right away and loved it! To her surprise she is really good at it and the coaches are surprised that she has never done any Gymnastics before. I'm guessing her 5 years of Ballet has helped her so much with Balance and Flexibility. I got the shock of my life when i saw her with her leg stretched up against the wall a few evenings ago!  "What? I'm stretching!" she said!!

                                                                    Lottie is Loving <3

Lottie was sent some beautiful sparkly party shoes from Sparkle Club. She also has a matching bag to go with them. Lottie has been waiting for a special occasion to wear her glam new shoes, so for the School disco last week we decided it would be the perfect occasion for fancy footwear!
Lottie said the shoes were really comfortable and the bag was great for keeping her money safe at the Disco!  I was impressed at how the shoes didn't lose any sparkle and still look brand new!
She can't wait to wear them again for the school Christmas party!
Sparkle Club do so many pretty pairs of shoes for Girls, they also sell pretty bags and other accessories at unbelievable prices!
For 10% discount type in code  FWB001  when ordering.

These pink sparkly shoes cost £16.99
Matching Bag costs £7.50

                                                                       Kier is Loving <3

Over the last 2 weeks little Kier who once would never do anything that involved sitting still for more than 10 seconds, has dramatically changed!
Since turning 3 he has become very interested in Jigsaw puzzles and Colouring.
He has been colouring in for very LONG periods of time, today he sat down and coloured a picture for 40 minutes, last week it was a whole hour!
Jigsaws have always been a favourite for Kier but only 6 piece jigsaws, now he has jumped up to completing 25 piece jigsaws with no help from anyone!
I find out really strange that he has changed so much in such a short space of time, but i'm loving that he is able to concentrate on things like this!

When colouring in, he does like to get a bit on his face too :-)

Are you or your family loving any of these things?  Please leave comments!!!

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  1. wow look at Amelie she is awesome! I wouldn't mind that Brownie looks amazing, and I love Autumn too, we are in spring now though #sundaybest

  2. Woah I can't believe how flexible Amelie is! Future olympian? Thanks for sharing with #SundayBest x

  3. haha no pressure on Aunty Hayley for the party then!!!! Thanks so much for joining us at #SundayBest this week, we'd love to see you there again tomorrow x