Sunday, 9 October 2016

Puppy in my Pocket Social Party

 Last Wednesday we joined in with and #Puppyinmypocket for an online Twitter social party. We invited a few friends over for the event and prepared some yummy party food. The activities were so age appropriate for our guests, they all enjoyed it so much!

We started off with food because they were all so hungry by 1 o clock!

Next we did our first activity which was a Word Search sheet and a colouring sheet. They loved this activity, I decided not to pick 1 winner as they all did really well, so each child received a Puppy blind bag. They were very happy with their prize and keen to win more!

Next the children had another creative activity - it was to make a dog kennel with the cut out sheets provided. It was quite tricky for the younger ones but with some help they managed it very well.

Then we played a game of Puppy Pairs, some of our guests were too young to understand this one but Amelie and Lottie enjoyed it very much and still play it quite often. They added another 2 puppy's to their growing collection for doing well in this activity.

Last was the funnest activity... free play with the Puppy in my Pocket pink castle and play park sets! The children were able to play with their own Puppy and Kitty's that they had won and have a go of the play sets, their parents were impressed at how good the play sets were and are keen to get involved with more Twitter socials and enter the fantastic giveaways on UKMums.TV

Amelie and Lottie had a really fun day and keep asking me "when can we have another twitter social party?!"
Oh what fun!!

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