Friday, 14 October 2016

In Review: Yvolution Strolly Compact Trike

 Now that Kier is walking most places and is happy to hold my hand rather than run off ahead of me with a cheeky grin on his face, life seems to be a lot easier. However as a childminder i don't always have enough hands and our school run is a good 10 minute walk! I still find walking a lot easier than getting toddlers in and out of the car so this week we have introduced The Strolly from Yvolution into our morning school run!
This stylish Trike is suitable for tots from age 10 months, it's designed for mums on the go like myself! I love how easily it folds down and how light it is to carry (no, you don't need a man for this!)

A little while back we reviewed a balance bike from yvolution which we love and still get a lot of use out of so i knew the Trike would be a good, solid, built to last Trike.

On our morning walk to school each toddler gets to have 5 minutes in the Strolly, which means they are walking for the other 5 minutes. The same rule applies on the journey home. So you can imagine how fun our school run mornings are! Plenty of exercise and fun!

We have owned 2 Trikes before, one for Amelie quite a few years back and Kier had one when he was very small. We have never had a Trike like this one before!
I was quite confused by the name "strolly" but now i get it!  The trike is so much like a pushchair but in a really fun way.  It is so comfortable for little ones, unlike the trikes we had before.
The seat is really padded and has a 3 point harness with padded straps for extra comfort. There are foot rests for young babies and pedals for when they are ready to be on the move!

There are some amazing storage features on this Trike, which works well for me on my mental school run madness mornings when 2 hands really arn't enough!
The bag attached to the pushchair is perfect for carrying all essentials. It has plenty of space for Nappies, Wipes, Keys and Mobile phone. It attaches to the Trike easily enough with Velcro straps.
There is a cup holder in between the parent handles, which also can be removed easily. These features are fantastic and very important to us busy mums on school runs

Strollys grow with your child, so there's no need to go out and purchase a new one after a year or so!
The Strolly is available in a rainbow of colours, making them stylish as well as functional!

I would like to mention how easy this trike was to assemble. It took me 20 minutes to put it together with the easy to follow instructions. This for me was a huge bonus as i'm not the most patient person!
The Strolly is available to buy online, priced from £99.99 - £119.99

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