Friday, 21 October 2016

In Review: Teksta Toucan

 I've heard a lot about these robotic electronic animals but this is our first experience owning one!
He is ultra intelligent, he tells jokes, plays games and can even perform magic tricks to keep his owner entertained! He sits on his perch and moves his head, wings, body and back for ultimate engagement. There are two options of play: normal, using him as a stand alone toy with his multiple pre-programmed feature; or with further content downloaded from a free app that will lead to more comprehensive responses.

The recommended age for Teksta Toucan is 7+
I thought he was perfect for Amelie so i gave it to her but Lottie also loves him and is asking Santa for the dog version she found in the toy brochure!

We found he worked rather well without the app but the children soon became bored of him repeating the same things and not interacting much. So we downloaded the app and then realized how much he actually does!

The app tells you which questions to ask him, you can switch to voice recognition for this.
He then answers the questions asked by the child. With the app he can also play games, tell jokes (some rather disgusting but funny!!) and perform a magic trick, which we found he doesn't get right every time!!

Amelie is very much into Joke telling at the moment, so she really enjoyed hearing the Toucan telling some really funny ones.

Lottie loves that Toucan goes to sleep at night and wakes up in the morning, she also loves that he can guard their bedrooms!

Teksta Toucan requires 4 AA batteries which arn't included.
He is available from all good toy retailers and cost around £56.99

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