Thursday, 13 October 2016

How I Potty Trained my Boy in 4 weeks

Potty training is no picnic for any parent, and even though I had tackled it twice before i was still petrified about Potty Training the 3rd time around... why? Because he's a BOY!
I had no clue how to potty train a little boy. Was he meant to stand up and hold it or sit down like girls do? Does he need to wipe? Should I hold it for him?!  So many thoughts were gong through my head when i thought about starting the potty training with Kier! I had heard a lot of horror stories and most people told me that boys are usually much later than girls. I wondered what would be the right age for Kier to be introduced to the Potty? Kier has always been a little behind most children his age, mostly with his speech. As he got closer to turning 3 i thought we really need to buy a potty and give it a try. I never expected much to happen, I really didn't think he was ready!

With the girls i remember buying Potty training books for them to look at when using the potty, and they even had a potty chart! A gold star on the chart every time they did a wee in the potty (it came free with a box of pull ups!) but with Kier, we didn't have anything fancy to tempt him with... just a red potty from Home Bargains!

When Kier was shown the potty for the first time and asked if he wanted to sit on it, his answer was "No"
and that was it really. He cried if i forced him on it so i thought to myself "whatever, he's not ready!" So we left it for a week and then tried again!
The second time was much better, and when he did his first wee on the potty he was made a big fuss of and received a sweetie!
After a few days Kier was doing lots of wee's on his potty. We gave him smaller cups of juice and put him on the potty about 20 minutes after each drink. This worked really well, there were plenty of accidents of course, some worse than others!! But each day that went by Kier was getting better at using the potty and had even started to say "Potty Potty Potty!" every time he needed to go!

It was going great but after 2 weeks there was still so many accidents, he went through about 6 pairs of underpants a day!  Why isn't he getting it? Secretly i knew the reason why....  It was because I was being lazy! I was putting him in pull ups every time we went out in the car, when he was wearing pull ups he knew he didn't need to ask for the Potty, he just did his wee in his nappy!
We started taking potty out with us everywhere we went, it got easier but he was still weeing in his pull ups when we were out. So i decided to stop letting him wear pull ups completely, apart from bed time.

If Kier was out and about wearing his underpants then I would be sure to keep asking him if he needed the potty. I would be on the ball completely! So that's what we did, everywhere we went and even when we were just at home, Kier would be wearing his underpants. No pull ups!

Now 2 weeks later Kier is fully (daytime) potty trained!  He asks for the Potty no matter where we are and he hardly ever has accidents! Pull ups are only worn for be time now.

I've heard so many parents bragging about how they potty trained their child in a week, or even a day! "She stood at the top of the stairs, whipped her nappy off and that was that, no more nappies"
Well done to those parents!!!  In reality potty training can last months, some toddlers can even appear to be fully potty trained and then a few weeks later they are back in nappies! Some parents may experience a very common potty training problem of  "no number 2 in the Potty"  We went through this with our middle child, we had to put her in a nappy every time she needed a number 2!!!"

Like everything parenting related... it doesn't last forever!  It's always "just a phase" and it will eventually pass. Potty training is definitely one of the tougher things we as parents have to face!
We all know that someone with the toddler who was potty trained at the age of 18 months! Just remember, your time will come. Your child WILL be potty trained soon enough. They arn't going to be adults heading off to work with pull ups in their briefcase. It WILL all work out in the end.  I promise!!

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  1. I have a boy and it's not something I'm looking forward to. I have a while yet luckily but good to know it can take some time so I can be realistic. #Sharingthebloglove

  2. My son is 2 and a half and still not really showing any signs of being ready. We have the same refusal as you had about sitting on the potty, although just yesterday he did ask to and sat on it for a little while! I'm feeling that's a bit of progress, although I think we're a long way off still. But it'll happen when it happens, I'm not keen to push it. My nephew is the same age, and has recently pretty much potty trained himself - my sister wasn't that keen to start, but he had other ideas! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. That's great that hes asking to use the potty! Thats where it all starts! Good luck!!!

  3. When potty training Alice is all about timing, not rushing it and waiting until she seemed ready. I was so nervous about doing it, it felt like such a big thing. But turned out not too bad, as we waited and look her lead. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  4. Glad you got there in the end! My eldest was 2 and a bit when he decided to potty train, we went straight to pants and he was dry in 3 days. My youngest just turned 2 but not shown any signs of readiness yet. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  5. Well done on the potty training. I think the main thing is that everyone is on the same page for potty training. When we had the first signs that our little one was ready, our then childminder wouldn't cooperate with the plan. So in the childcare setting she was in pull ups and wetting, but at home dry and dry through the nights. We changed childminders! LOL. Thank you so sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  6. Great post and so true, I've never met an adult who was still in pull ups! They all get there in the end lol. thanks for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again this week...the linky is open until Wednesday! x

  7. Well done on getting your boy potty trained in the end. As you said the experience is different for every child #dreamteam