Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Are Mobile Devices Affecting our Children's Education?

 Most children i come across lately own a Tablet or Smart phone as young as 5 years old. We recently bought a Tablet for Amelie for her 9th Birthday, what she really wanted was an iphone but we decided she is much too young for one. Many of her friends already have their own iphone, packed full of games and apps, blinged up with fancy phone cases.. I can see the attraction and why Amelie wanted one so much.

Is there really any need for children this young to have their own mobile phone? I hear some parents say "it's only for entertainment, they don't phone or text anybody" and some say it's for safety reasons.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and although i agree that  if your child plays out and has reached an age where they can go off alone to different places, it would be nice to know they can phone home if there is a problem.  However, I don't believe that primary school aged children should have smart phones.

While some apps are brilliant for education, such as times tables apps and phonics. Sadly the excitement of playing the educational games that parents install for their children will soon fade, next they want to play the latest Pokemon game, children as young as 11 will want their own Facebook account (I know many parents who have let their children set up Facebook and Instagram accounts as young as 10!)

75% of parents feel that Smart phones, tablets and gaming devices create a negative effect on their children's education.
A new study commissioned by My Voucher Codes looked into the ramifications of children living their lives on social media, specifically looking at the way social media can effect education. The survey asked 2, 500 parents a number of questions based on their childrens internet useage including how long they spend each day online, whether there are any restrictions such as banned apps and whether they think that social media sites effect their children education.

Here are the results!

• Under 1 hour a day - 0% 

• 1 to 2 hours a day - 25% 

• 2 to 3 hours a day 41% 

• 3 to 4 hours a day 34% 

• Over 5 hours a day 0%

 I find these results quite shocking but at the same time i'm glad children arn't spending more than 5 hours on their phones or tablets!

As children get older i can imagine it could be hard to control how much time they spend online. Amelie rarely uses her Tablet, she probably uses it about 3  times a week and only plays on it for 20 minutes each time! She really isn't that interested which i'm glad about!

I know this will all change soon but i'm ready to set some serious rules when it does, my first rule will be no tablet or phone right before bed or in bed instead of good old fashioned book reading!!!
I think it's really important to limit their screen time just before bed. Especially at really young ages.

I am proud to say that my 9 year old doesn't own a phone and i'm hoping I can say that for a few more years yet! 2 years at least!!  :-)

Does your child use a tablet or mobile phone device?
If so how often do they use them and what are your feelings on it?
Please share your opinions in the comments :-)

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