Wednesday, 5 October 2016

5 flexible jobs for stay at home mums

Let's be honest as a stay at home mum job search can be soul destroying. You want to get back to work but there never seems to be that level of flexibility you need. Thanks to technology though, one can easily find the perfect job that offers the work-life balance you are looking for. Sites like  allow you to search for various job vacancies get a complete list of all freelance and work-from-home jobs available in your area.
So here are 5 great jobs that will allow you that degree of flexibility.

 Freelance Writing: When you consider the shear number publications that on both on the market and online the demand for writers is greater then ever. Many of these will happily pay to have an interesting article written for them. But if you don't like that idea you could always try ghostwriting. Remember a good grasp of english and grammar is very useful in writing.

 Graphic Design: If you've got a fair for art and design that graphic design could be for you and even with basic software you can create very attractive flyers, informational pamphlets, product catalogs and advertisements. Swell as a creative flair being a good listener and communicator is essential for this to work.

 Teach Music: Have you learnt to play an instrument, do you play well? if so then theres no reason why you can't teach others to play. Depending on how you feel you may want to tutor children or adult; maybe even both. If you can take them right from the beginning to playing proficiently then tutoring could be for you.

 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business: Lets face it people love their animals but with the pressures of life and career there isn't always time to give them the attention they need. In most cases dogs and cats would be the most likely pet for care and walks but that doesn't mean other pets like rabbits and gold fish won't make an appearance.

 Herb farm: The march to keep a healthy lifestyle is growing year on year and people are always looking for new ways to add that extra health kick to everyday life. To do this people started adding herbs: Medicinal herbs, herbal teas/coffee, culinary herbs, herbs for candles and aromatherapy. If you have some free space and a keen growing ability then you can grow fresh nutrition rich herbs for others to buy.

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