Thursday, 22 September 2016

What we're Loving - September

 Following on from my previous "What we're loving" post which I published in August, this month we are all loving completely different things.

                                                                 Laura is Loving <3

Of course it's another Beauty product, I can't get enough of new make up! This month it's ReCover correct and conceal. I would say that Concealer is probably the most important item in my make-up bag! Because I have so many flaws that i have to cover up, mostly around my eyes. I always have dark circles that show no matter how much make-up i wear. There have been some concealers that hide it better than others (Bo-ing from Benefit being a previous favourite of mine)  Recover is available in 6 different shades.

                                                                   Matt is Loving  <3

This month Matt had a Birthday, which meant he got presents and vouchers! He is currently loving TK Maxx so he headed straight there with his Voucher and bought quite an amazing lamp for our conservatory. We have needed a lamp in there since the evenings are getting much darker earlier on. Now with our lovely floor lamp we have more light and it makes the room look really nice and cosy! This lamp cost £70, much cheaper than similar style lamps at Next Home!

                                                                  Amelie is Loving <3

Dance, Dance and even more Dance!  This term Amelie has taken up Street Dance, Inter-foundation Ballet, Lyrical Ballet, Singing & Drama and Body Conditioning. As well as all these new classes she has now moved from Grade 2 Ballet to Grade 3! She is loving her new Navy Blue Leotard, she feels very grow up in this colour!
Amelie also got her exam results back last week, she was very pleased to receive a Merit with 72 points!

                                                                   Lottie is Loving  <3

Now we are starting to receive more and more toys to review the kids couldn't be happier! Lottie has all of a sudden fallen in love with soft toy Animals, her room is covered in soft toys! She was delighted when I gave her this Leap n Roar cuddly Lion! His name is Kion and he is the main character from The Lion Guard TV series, which is a favourite of Lottie's! She loves this show and all of the characters in it.

Kion features 10 character sounds including his trademark Roar. Pull him back onto his hind legs to make him pounce forward (he really does!) That's not all, the best thing about Kion is the fact that he has a motion sensor in his nose, so every time somebody walks past him he will roar! This is the best interactive soft toy I have seen in a very long time, we certainly didn't have anything as cool as this when I was little!

Kion is a perfect size for smaller children, he isn't too big to carry around and he is very soft and cuddly which you don't often get with interactive toys.

The TV series is very popular at the minute, it is aimed at Children ages 5 and over (my 9 year old also loves it!) it's a must for any Lion King fans too (Kion is Simba's son!) You can catch it on the Disney Channel.

Leap n Roar Kion is available from Smyths toy store priced £39.99

                                                                          Kier is Loving <3

 This month Kier has been experimenting with new foods! He has discovered that he actually does like Rice after months of spitting it back out of his mouth!
He also found some new crisps that he loves, much healthier crisps!  He has been snacking on packets of fruit crisps from Nim's. I must admit i have become quite addicted to them too! I had tried fruit crisps a while back and i really didn't like them, but these ones are amazing, specially the Pineapple and Kiwi flavour! I love the fact that a packet of these delicious crisps counts as one of your 5 a day! Nim's fruit crisps are made in the UK, they are Gluten and Dairy free meaning more people can enjoy them!

Here are what scrummy flavours are available: Vegetable Flavours - Tomato & Cucumber, Peppers & Courgettes, Beetroot & Parsnip.

Fruit Flavours - Pear, Apple, Pineapple & Kiwi, Melon and Orange and a Pineapple variety.

available to buy online


  1. My daughter would love the Kion teddy may have to put it on her Christmas list! #SundayBest

  2. I've not heard of that concealer before, I have to use concealer every day as I have such awful dark circles! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x