Friday, 2 September 2016

Top tips for winding a new baby

 For first time mums and dads, winding your tiny delicate little newborn can be quite scary. When i became a mum for the first time at the age of 24, winding my little baby didn't seem like anything to be worried about, probably because it wasn't unknown to me, i had watched my mum wind babies hundreds of times before when my younger cousins were born. Then when I was around 18 my mum started a child minding job looking after a new baby, I often held him, fed him a bottle and even winded him! It seemed easy but when it's your own little bundle of joy it is a completely different matter. You don't want them to be in any discomfort, so when you see them squirming around and crying, your priority is to get that wind up!

Here are some tips and information on how to wind a baby that new parents may find useful.

How do I know if my Baby has wind?

Newborn babies usually need winding during their feed, if they stop sucking their bottle they may have wind. If your baby is squirming and crying when they are laying down they may need winding, they may also suddenly bring their knees up if they are in discomfort.  Sometimes your baby will bring up wind after a feed and sometimes not. If they seem content after a feed but haven't brought up wind then you don't need to worry much. Your baby will let you know if he/she isn't happy!
Breastfed babies will need to be winded too but won't suffer with wind as much as bottle fed babies. This is because they can control the milk flow better as they suck at a slower pace, and also because they feed in a more upright position.

Is there a way to avoid my baby having wind?

There are different bottle teats available to buy, some with a slower flow for younger babies. I'm not entirely sure if these teats actually help to avoid your baby from getting wind but they may be worth a try. You can also try feeding in a more up right position.

What is the best way to wind my baby?

I used to try so many different positions  to wind my babies! What i found most useful was to hold the baby under her arms and gently move her up and down, and then support her head and lower her back and forth, kind of like shes doing mini sit ups! The more the baby is moved around the better chance there is of the wind coming up.
Then try winding (sitting the baby is an up-right position and patting their back gently)

Another great position is to put baby over your shoulder and walk around while patting her back gently, this always worked really well for my little boy and it also calmed him down when he got upset.

 There are a few mild medications available over the counter which can help in extreme cases.

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