Thursday, 29 September 2016

Then & Now Toys - Casdon Post Office

 Nearly everyone who reads this post will have owned or know somebody who owned the Petite Post Office toy. It was amazing, so realistic and by far one of the best toys I ever had!

Even the little stamps were so realistic! I never actually had this particular one. My friend had it, I asked for it for Christmas and I received this one.

This one was just as good. It closed up into a Post box which was great!

I was so excited when we received the Casdon Post Office to review. The younger me couldn't wait to get it out the box and play with it myself but i waited patiently and watched Amelie and Lottie open it and start setting it out to play with, I did offer some assistant but they didn't need my help!

In my own opinion it isn't as good as the one I had, but i've said that about so many of todays toys! Nothing is quite like the good old things from the 80's!

Amelie and Lottie played with the Post Office for hours, each taking turns to be the customer. It's such an educational toy without the children realizing they are learning as they play!

The Post Office comes with things to buy such as Tax Discs, Magazines, Greeting Cards, Stamps, Passport and Driving License Application forms, Post Box, Stamper, Scales and lots of realistic play money.
Amelie and Lottie have been pricing up their stock and really getting into the game, with this they are adding up amounts and counting the money, all great for their Maths skills! Who needs homework with toys like this?!

I hope that this toy will be something that my kids always remember playing with like I do with my Post Office Toy!

Casdon Post Office is available from all good toy stores priced £10.00
Also available is the Supermarket Till, another fantastic toy from Casdon!

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  1. I can't believe that's just £10! It looks so much fun! Thanks for linking up #SundayBest x

  2. eehhhh I think I had one of those when I was little. Your post has just woken up some long distant memory. I remember playing with the stamps! I didn't know you could still get this kind of thing, but I'm sure my 2 year old will love it next year (well, I will at least...! #MarvMondays

  3. Ahh, I had the first one pictured and I absolutely loved it, what a blast from the past! This one looks fab and I may think about getting for A this Christmas. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    PS. Love your blog name!

  4. Ahh I remember our one, loved it!! Thanks for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again tomorrow!