Monday, 19 September 2016

The Siblings Project - September

The Me and Mine Project

This month is going to be a busy one, with Amelie's birthday at the end of August, and Kier's birthday next week, the beginning of Autumn always feel so hectic for me.

I have decided to share these lovely pictures from one of our days out, these pictures were taken just before the kids went back to school, making it our last day out of the Summer Holidays!

Pennywell farm has always been a favorite of ours, the kids love cuddling the animals in the Pet's Corner. This time we got to hold a Rat, still not sure how i feel about that?
As well as the Animals there is also a really fun maze and obstacle course, and lots of little Tractors for toddlers to play on.
We brought Amelie here with a few friends for her Birthday Party in August, they had a great time and luckily for us there was a slight shower, meaning we got Rainy day passes so we got to come back with just our own children and have another day of fun!

Now that it's the 3rd week back at school things are starting to feel "normal" again, still just as hectic as ever of course but that is normal for me!
Although it's nice to get back into routine after the Summer Holidays it also makes me feel quite sad that I haven't got loads of free time with my children, we can't decide to go out to fun places like the farm for the day and have loads of fun. Even our weekends are quite busy with the girls dance classes and things that need to be done like washing and ironing school uniform!

Still, when i see these pictures i'm reminded that we gave our children a lovely, happy and fun 6 weeks Summer Holidays and they had a wonderful time :-)

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  1. Ahhh lovely post and lovely photos! Kiers hair is amazing.

    I didnt see that big deck chair when we were at pennywell!