Thursday, 29 September 2016

Our recent Buys for the Home

 We have now lived in our 2nd family home for a whole year, and in that year we haven't really done much or bought much for the House so i decided to have a mini spending spree to add a little bit of fresh homely feel to our living room!

I love our Living room, it has so much more character than are boring new-build had. I've always wanted a Fireplace, they add such a nice feel to the room. Although it's not a real fireplace it still looks really nice, we bought one of those electric Stove fires to go in and it looks amazing in the Winter!

We have a few canvas pictures and  few units in our Living room, but not much in the way of decor. So Matt and I went to TK Maxx to see what we could find for our Living Room.

I rarely leave that store without buying something for the House! We were very happy with our purchases!

We bought these lovely decorative accessories which was just what the room needed. The vases are quite tall so they are quite a big feature, but they look really lovely and i'm so happy with them!

The vases cost £15 each and the artificial flowers are from The range priced £12. I was more than happy with the prices. I could have bought nearly everything in The Range, I love their home accessories!!!

It goes to show what lovely things you can buy for your home without spending out loads of money! Maybe try putting £10-£15 a week away and save for a few weeks, you will enjoy spending it and for home accessories I would highly recommend The Range and TK Maxx!
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