Friday, 23 September 2016

Kier's Birthday Celebrations

 It's hard to believe that my youngest child has just turned 3! My little baby boy who still seems like such a baby to me.. is now 3! I'm so glad he is a September born baby because when he turns 4 he would have missed the school intake meaning i get another year of him at home with me :-)

Needless to say, Kier was spoilt rotten on his Birthday!
I enjoyed buying him toys and was well prepared for his Birthday, i started buying stuff months ago!
I booked a party at our local play centre and I bought all his favourite things.

We were very lucky to receive another brilliant Brio set just before Kier's birthday. He is so obsessed with
Fire engines at the moment, and we already collect Brio play sets so it was really good that we got to add this set to his collection!

I love all the different Brio sets, i'm so used to the Train sets, it was really nice to have a change and no piecing together any track (not that i really mind!)

The set comes with a Fire Station with a curly slide for the firefighters to slide down, and 2 emergency vehicles. One has real working flashing lights and siren sounds, the other has a ladder and a hose pipe. I love how the little Brio people can attached their hands to the ladder!

We also have the Rescue Helicopter to go with this set, although it is sold separately it is a great add on to this play set. There is already a helipad ready for the Helicopters landing! The top of the Helicopter slots open easily for the Brio person to get inside. There is a magnet underneath to collect the water tanks (included) it's a very realistic set and i love playing it with Kier. Our games to get quite dramatic!!!

The central fire station set retails at £64.99 and the Rescue Helicopter is sold separately at £11.99

Kier also received 3 massive John Deere tractors and diggers from Grandparents. These look very impressive and Kier is OBSESSED with John Deere Tractors so you can imagine how happy he was when he opened the presents, but where are you actually meant to store toys like this??

I don't think they fit in the toy basket?

                                                                 or any cupboards.. really?!?

Well, I can sort out humongous toy storage solutions another time! Kier had a great birthday and loved all of his presents, thats all that matters. I will get over the John Deere taking over me house, really..  i will....

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  1. Hahaha! Good luck storing that tractor! The picture of it escaping from the cupboard made me laugh! Happy birthday to your little man, looks like he had fun with all of his toys :-) #sharingthebloglove

  2. We have loads of big toys like that tractor - we keep them in the shed mostly!! Happy birthday to Kier - he looks like he's having a great time with that Brio fire station. My son is two and very into fire engines at the moment, might bear this in mind for Christmas! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. These look great. Looks like he is loving his new toys. So great when they love what you so loving get them. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove