Friday, 16 September 2016

In Review: Tonka Steel Trucks

I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely excited for our very first Tonka truck review. I've heard a lot about Tonka trucks but being a mum of Girls I never got to experience what cool things are available for Boys until recently, I blinked and my tiny baby boy grew into a big toddler Boy who will be turning 3 next week!

I love how Kier is SO boy-ish. He loves Diggers, Tractors, Trucks and Lorries, Bin wagons, Trains and Boats, Motorbikes, Fire engines and Police Cars, and now his newest obsessed... Caravans!
I knew he would love the Tonka Trucks from the Steel Classics collection so I let him open them and try them out right away.

When I gave him the Tonka  4x4 and Bulldozer the first thing he did was run off to the toy room to find some little people to sit on top of the trucks! Then he was ready to go!
The trucks whizz along really well on our wooden floors and they go at quite a speed! Kier got so much enjoyment out of the trucks, he was loving how realist they looked. The working drop door on the back of the 4x4 truck is a great feature, Kier loves using it to stuff smaller toys into the back of the Truck!

The trucks are built to last,  you can tell even just by looking at them that they will be around for quite a while! In fact, the box description says they are Guaranteed for Life!  They are completely different from Kier's plastic trucks and diggers, but not too heavy at all, the ideal weight for 3 year olds to carry around.
With 70 years of "getting dirty" you really can't go wrong with Tonka!

Tonka trucks are collectible items and would make the ideal Christmas or Birthday present for any Vehicle loving child from age of 3 and up. Available soon at Argos.


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