Wednesday, 28 September 2016

In Review: Snuggles My Dream Puppy

 This month we received an Argos top 10 Christmas toy to try out! Snuggles is a super cute interactive puppy from The Little Live Pets range from Character.

We've had so many cuddly dogs that bark and drink from Bottles, mostly from the FurReal friends range, but i've never seen anything quite like this one! I was shocked at how realistic his movements are! You won't believe it til you see this toy puppy for real, so be sure to have a look when you're next at a toy store! 
It's not hard to see why this little puppy will be on so many Christmas lists this year!

So what does Snuggles actually do?

Just like a real Puppy he loves having his tummy tickled, and will fall asleep too! When he sleeps he shuts his eyes tight and makes snoring sounds, you can actually see his tummy moving as he breathes!

Snuggles comes with his own Adoption certificate and Bottle, feed it to him and you will hear him make slurping sounds!

Amelie, Lottie and Kier all love this Puppy, we have quite a few arguments over who's bed he is sleeping in each night! Since we adopted Snuggles the pestering for a pet Dog has stopped, though i can't guarantee how long for?! Haha!

Older children may enjoy The Dream Team Puppy Club, where they can enter competitions and download free My dream Puppy activities!

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