Wednesday, 7 September 2016

In Review: Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan

This morning we are trying out this bright and cheerful learning toy. Although Peppa Pig is sadly not one of Kier's favourites anymore, he still loves to play with his Peppa Pig toys. There is something about Peppa Pig toys, they are all so eye catching and lovely. The toys we have from the Peppa Pig range are now about 7 years old as they belonged to Amelie when she was a toddler. The toys are still is great condition even though they have been played with so many times by all 3 of my children!

We did have the older Peppa Pig Phonics toy so i knew exactly what this toy was about before we had opened it. Kier is currently loving Campervans so i knew this would be a big hit with him. He loves it because he recognizes Peppa's voice and the theme tune which it plays!
This toy has 26 Alphabet letter keys which light up and flash acting as a useful guide to help your child learn as they play. It features many sounds and tunes and 8 easy to play games.

Kier doesn't quite understand how to play the spelling games yet or "find the letter" but he loves hearing the different sounds each key makes and he is starting to understand the "follow me" game (he isn't 3 yet)

You can't beat a good educational toy like this and I think it's important that all children aged 3 have a toy that can help them to build their communication skills. It also helps with early letter recognition and helps your child to listen, concentrate and use their memory when playing the games.

Unlike the older Peppa Phonics toy, this one has volume control, perfect for when it starts to drive you mad. More toys should have it!! :-)

This toy is available from Argos priced £19.99

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