Friday, 5 August 2016

What we're loving this month - August

Each month I am going to be writing about items we have enjoyed from the previous month, including details of price and where to get them from :-) I hope you find something on here that you love to!

Laura is Loving  <3

I have a few things that I am loving this month, I have been very lucky and the blogging world has been kind to me so i'd like to share these amazing products that I couldn't live without at the moment!
First up ..

I have been using Beaute Mediterranean ContourCream from Face the Future, this is an eye cream to put under your eyes to prevent all those unwanted wrinkles that slowly start to appear from your 30th Birthday! I really try not to think about things like wrinkles, I have enough going on in my life to keep my mind from wondering to the "what about my wrinkles" worries! I don't usually have any spare money to buy things like skincare products but this tube of cream that I apply under my eyes every morning has become a part of my daily skincare routine (which consists only of Olay moisturizer!) and I feel that i will most likely be replacing the empty bottle with a new one :-) For sure!

Also this month I was sent this beautiful personalized Bangle from the lovely Kaleigh and Chloe over at The Treasure Chest Accessories I have always wanted something with my children's names on so this was the perfect gift for me, I would never think of buying something like this for myself! Probably because i would expect it to be quite expensive but at £10 including postage there would be no reason not to treat yourself to one of these! They also make fantastic gifts if you are planning ahead for Christmas.

Priced £10 inc Postage

Matt is Loving <3

This month Matt has been splashing out a little on the Gum Tree app, he loves using this app for buying things locally. So far he has bought a beautiful egg chair for the Garden which we all love using! He also managed to buy each of the girls new Bikes as their old ones had been left out in the rain and look very old and rusty. The bikes he bought were both next to new and costs only £50 each!

Download the Gumtree app for free on your smartphone

Amelie is Loving <3

Amelie has been sent a lovely Fairy door for her bedroom. Amelie loves Fairies and has always believed that we have some living in our Garden, she often asks if I think they go into her room at night. This magically little door helps children to use their imaginations and adds a little magical mystery to their Bedroom. The door is very well detailed and life-like. Amelie is nearly 9 and believes she now has a Fairy friend coming into her room through this little door and leaving her teeny tiny little notes in the letterbox next to the door, to which she replies to the next morning! The door is easily attached onto the wall using the sticky strips provided.

Available to buy online priced £14.99

Lottie is Loving <3

A few weeks ago we were sent a really funny game called Sshh! Don't wake Dad from Drumond Park. Lottie really enjoyed this game and we often have a game in the evening when Kier has gone to bed. I love spending time with the older ones playing games like this. It means they get a bit of our attention without distractions from their little brother!
See our review of the game here
Available from all good toys stores priced £19.99

Kier is Loving <3

This month Kier has been playing with his Brio train sets a lot. These are his favourite toys. When we have been out of the house all day, the first thing he does when he gets home is run over to his Train table and set up in Brio tracks and trains! 

We recently added the Brio starter packs to our Train set, although we didn't actually start with these sets it is a great set to have and makes the track bigger and better!

Starter Pack A

Kier loves the Train in this set because it looks more like the Trains we see at the Station when we drive past. He loves putting the people on the Train and he likes that the Train can go through the mountain and over it. Kier is also loving the Stop and Go signal!  This is a lovely set with so much play value. With 26 Play pieces this is the perfect set to start of your own Brio world.

Priced £34.99

Starter Pack B

Make your track longer with even more track Brio track in this Starter Pck which gives 5 more layout possibilities. It's great to add this pack to your set when your child becomes a little bored of their set. Starter Pack B means you can extend the track with your little one and see what ideas they can come up with. Kier is nearly 3 and is now able to connect the tracks and think about how he wants them to go.
The set includes leaflet and package inspiration for next building/purchase on track pack to expand the layout building.

Priced £16.99

For more fantastic Brio sets see our review for the Brio Roller Coaster and the Brio Sarfari Set

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