Sunday, 28 August 2016

Top Toy Ideas for Tots

 It's hard to believe that in 3 weeks time our little baby boy is going to be 3 years old! I find this quite emotional as Kier is the baby in the family. Our first little Boy and our last baby! He is growing into such a lovely kind. caring little boy. I just can't believe he is going to be 3!

With Kier's birthday coming up i have been thinking about what to buy for him. He is into SO much at the moment. He's loving toys more than ever and he loves to learn. Jigsaws are his favourite thing but he also loves typical boy things. Cars, Trains, Fire engines, Tractors and Diggers!
Kier's newest obsession is Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam!

I have been reviewing and trying out some fantastic new toys the past few weeks. Kier has loved playing with them and I thought it would be great to give other parents some ideas for upcoming birthdays for little boys like Kier  :-)

                                                              My First Memory Game

I love playing the Memory games with my older children, although I am pretty bad at it and usually lose every time! I was happy to hear there was a Memory game for Toddlers too! I couldn't wait to try out My First Memory game from Ravensburger with Kier!
we played the game with only a few pairs to start with, just to make it really easy for him until he understood what he had to do. After a few games Kier began to understand the game, although he still doesn't quite understand taking turns or sitting still throughout a game!

The little square cards are lovely and chunky for little ones.  There is 24 cards in total, all with different Thomas characters on. My First Memory game is also available in Gruffalo and In the Night Garden... we quite fancied Thomas and Friends!

This game is great for little ones Kier's age. The box says it is suitable from age 2 and a half, but it always depends on the child! It's a great way to help them develop their matching skills and their memory.

Available online priced £7.99

Kier has been a big Brio fan since the age of 2, now he is almost 3 he has collected quite a lot of Brio sets over the last year! The travel switching set is his newest addition. He calls it his "Train Station" so it is quite an important part to the collection!

This set includes 2 trains, one for each Track. The Blue train is battery operated which really does add to the fun. Kier loves the battery operated Brio trains, especially with this particular set because he can concentrate on the switches while the train is going around the track.
At the station there is a lift to take passengers up to the higher platform to catch their train, the lift works by using the crank, which is nice and easy for little fingers.

This set comes with plenty of accessories to keep little ones entertained for hours of fun! There are 2 platforms, an elevator, plenty of track and lots of switches and passengers with luggage!

I find that Kier enjoys playing with this set the most because we recently caught the Train which was Kier's first ever train experience. He now understands what happens at a train station and so playing with this set really does encourage him to use his imagination.

The Brio travel switching set is suitable from age 3 years and over, retailing at £75. Available from most good toy shops.

Kier and I are loving this Henry Household cleaning set from Casdon. Kier has a love/hate relationship with my Henry Hoover! He loves looking at him in the cupboard when he's not in use, but when I use him to hoover up it's a completely different matter! Kier is NOT a fan of Hoovers, hand-dryers or the hair dryer!
I am hoping he will soon understand that Henry the Hoover only means well, and maybe this cleaning set with such a charming smiley face will help Kier to realize this!

The set includes a child sized dustpan and brush, mop and brush, pretend spray bottles, a box of carpet cleaner (imaginary!) and sponges.  Kier loves helping me around the house with his brush and the best thing is it stops him from taking my brush when i'm trying to sweep up! I think this set is fantastic value for money, Kiper has used it so much already!

This adorable set would make a great gift for any child aged 3 - 6 years. Helping mummy or daddy with the house work is great for little ones as it teaches them to keep the home clean and tidy and will really spark their imagination.

This super cute cleaning set also comes in pink "Hetty" style retails at £10 and is available from all online or most good toy shops.

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  1. Oh, the Memory game and The Travel set look great. My 4-year-old boy loves Thomas&Friends and trains in general, so he would like these ones, too. Thank you for this post. :) #SundayBest

  2. They are such lovely looking toys, my boys are huge fans of wooden train sets. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x