Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Save money by Shopping online - 8 easy tricks

Let’s face it, buying online is much more convenient and fun than shopping in-store. Buying an entirely new outfit from your smartphone and getting it delivered to your front door? Er, yes, please! It’s convenient and quick, but is it always cheap? Here are some money-saving tips to help you kerb the costs of your virtual retail therapy sessions.

Sign up for Newsletters
What’s your favourite store? Make sure you sign up to their newsletter! Retailers will often send customers exclusive pre-sale access and discount codes as a way of saying thank you. Some stores even offer an introductory discount just for signing up. It’s best to set up a separate email account so your personal account doesn’t get clogged with too many sales mail!

Money saving coupons
Online retailers often offer coupon codes as an incentive to shop online.  There are plenty of UK couponing sites that compile all active codes to save you the hard work. Hot UK Deals and My Voucher Codes are excellent go-to for the latest savings. Always check for codes before you buy.

Wholesale sites
Buying wholesale will save you a lot of money. Most wholesale sites will provide items in a variety of colours which makes coordinating even easier! Wholesale sites dedicated to occasions are particularly good value if you are planning a party on a budget. Wedding stationery, for example, is often much cheaper on the internet than going directly to a printer's.


Like, Tweet and Follow
Social media is a great way to interact with your favourite brands. Many fashion and beauty outlets will advertise sales and offer exclusive savings to their followers. You could even write them a direct email telling them how much you love their products

Dodge the delivery fees
You can get free standard delivery on orders over a certain value. Most of the time you are only a few pounds away from getting free delivery so you might as well spend a bit more to save! So if you were £3 under on a beauty online order, you could stock up on low-cost essential items such as cotton pads to make up the costs.

Ask for a discount
Lots of sites will now have interactive chat windows which pop up when you access the site. Explain you are interested in a particular product and then ask if they have any discounts available. It’s not a guaranteed money saver but could pay off if you ask nicely enough!

Loyalty schemes
Loyalty cards are usually for in-store use only. However, many retailers are now doing online points which you can collect and then transfer into savings. Asos, for example, now lets you earn savings every time you buy from their site. The more you shop = the more you save. It’s win-win.

Know when the sales start
Ever paid full price for a frock and then found out it was in the sale a few days later? Very frustrating! Most retailers will stick to a regular pattern of sales. You could always follow this handy sales calendar which will help you prevent paying full price on items that will soon be on the sales rack.

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