Saturday, 13 August 2016

Quick and Easy Money Saving Online

 People save money every day by checking out online deals through money saving websites and price comparison websites, but there are so many people who use the internet every day but arn't aware of these websites, and until recently I was one of those people!
I had heard of compare the market and a few others but I never thought there was much point is using them and I was happy with how i managed my money.

Matt has always used these websites for our Car insurance, he always finds me the best deal and sorts it out for me so i'm pretty lucky that i don't need to worry about that.
For the past few weeks i have been stumbling upon price comparison websites that I never knew existed. I have been using them to find out which retailers are selling toys my kids want for their Birthdays at the cheapest prices, I even found one too find me the cheapest parcel delivery deal! Here are some Money Saving websites that I find really useful:

Money Saving Expert

I have learnt quite a bit of important info about shopping online from this website, it also has some great tips and advice about how to manage your money better. You can search retail sales and even find some online voucher codes.

My Parcel Delivery

If you post a lot of parcels whether it be things for family/friends that don't live locally or if you sell things on Ebay, you can end up paying a lot of money if you are using Royal Mail. There are many other options and a lot of people don't realize how cheap parcel delivery can be if you shop around!  My Parcel Delivery will save you time looking around different courier websites, here it is all done for you and they will find you the cheapest deal.

My Voucher Codes

You never really know what's on offer until you look! No matter what it is you're looking for, always check out My Voucher Codes before you buy! You can even check out hotels and restaurant deals too!


Thinking about chucking out your old dining table? Try placing it on freecycle, there could be a less fortunate family needing exactly what you are chucking out. This is a great way of getting rid of unwanted stuff and it is cheaper than driving to your local tip! You may even find something on here that you were wanting, for free!

These are just some of the many websites I have been using lately, there are many more but i'm saving them for another time! Do you have a favourite money saving website? If so, please share in the comment box!

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