Saturday, 27 August 2016

Our Best Days Out in Devon

 This summer holidays we have been lucky enough to try out 2 family attractions that we have heard a lot about but never been to before! Matt and I and all 3 kids had so much fun at World of Country Life in Exmouth a few weeks ago, then last week we traveled a little further out to The Big Sheep in Bideford, North Devon. Another fantastic day out that we all enjoyed.

                                                    World Of Country Life
                                         Exmouth, South Devon

I have seen flyers for World of Country Life so many times before, I always assumed it was a small farm and would be very similar to Pennywell Farm. I was wrong! This place is huge! There is so much to do and very different things from Pennywell Farm, there is plenty for the little ones and even has an interesting museum for the adults and older children. Our girls loved looking at the vintage engines and the working agricultural machinery, they loved skipping down the Victorian street and exploring the Victorian shops, house and pub. The girls learnt some interesting things about what it was like to live in Victorian times, and Kier loved looking around at the old vehicles and engines.

After looking around indoors we then headed out in the sunshine to find some fun and let the kids burn their energy off. We found plenty of fun things for them. Soft play, Bouncy castles, Go karts, Swings, Slides and wooden trains to climb on! 

After an hour or so of playing and having fun, we then set off to the Falconry display. We had never been so close to Owls before and we all really enjoyed learning about them and seeing them perch right next to us. This was a great experience for the children. After the display we set off to find some Animals to cuddle, on our way there we saw some people queing up to walk a Goat on a lead, how sweet! We joined the que right away! Amelie and Lottie loved walking the Goats, Kier wasn't too keen on the idea!

After seeing the Animals we then washed our hands and went to find some snacks, we found a great place to eat in a huge play barn with a Pirate ship play area. All the kids loved exploring the gigantic Ship!
Then for our final bit of farm fun, we caught the last Deer Train! I didn't really know what to expect from the Deer train but i heard it was good. The tractor-train took us out into the fields were we saw some Lamas, Goats and then of course... Deers! I didn't know we would actually get to feed them! It was lovely to be able to get so close to Deers and feed then, something we had never done before.

We spent a good few hours at World of Country Life and could have easily spent the whole day as there was so much to do. We can't wait to visit again next Summer :-)

                                                                The Big Sheep
                                          Bideford, North Devon

Our last day out was another fun packed one, another that i have heard so much about but never been to is The Big Sheep. The children were so excited when they found out that this place had rides and a roller coaster! Lottie is a bit of a daredevil and couldn't wait to try out the Roller coaster, unfortunately I had to stay with her not so brave big sister and little brother, so i did miss out on this ride but heard it was very fun! Next was the Twister ride, i wasn't going to miss out this time! The girls and I loved this ride so we had a few goes as there wasn't any ques! After the fun "bigger kid" rides we then found a little train ride for Kier, and some Swan Boats!

The rides were all amazing and we spent quite a lot of time on them. After that we heard some people talking about the Sheep Racing, we thought we should go and see what it was all about so we did. The children each put a bet on a Sheep, it cost £1 each and they all got a badge with the sheep's name on that they were backing. We waited a few minutes and then the race began. I don't think i've ever seen anything so funny! Sheep racing with knitted Sheep jockeys on their backs!! It was great and even better that Lottie's sheep won! We took her to the Winners corner to collect her prize, a fantastic winners badge and a cup!

After sheep racing and some ice cream we went and found the Jumping Pillows, these were probably the most funnest thing i have ever seen! All the kids loved bouncing on the pillows which can only be described as half bouncy castle half trampoline in a huge pillow shape!

 The sheep dog show was very interesting, I have never actually seen Sheep being rounded up by a dog before and we all loved watching it. The girls really wanted to have a go in the Splash Zone, a big water balloon section. I managed to avoid it but then ended up getting water ballooned and absolutely soaking wet!  It was fun though I have to admit!
There were many thing we didn't get to see, such as the indoor play area and the climbing wall and the battlefield! These are on the top of our list for our next visit to The Big Sheep which i'm sure will be very soon!

The Big Sheep BIG giveaway

       We loved our day out at The Big Sheep so much that we are giving away 1 set of Family tickets to The Big Sheep on 10th September, this just so happens to be the day that Marshall from Paw Patrol will be at The Big Sheep meeting and greeting young fans. To enter the competition complete the Rafflecopter below. Competition ends at midnight on 1st September. Good Luck!!!

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  1. Being from north Devon I have seen the big sheep grow and grow but with out loosing its heart. It's a wonderful day out and so much fun. Not been to world of country life looks brilliant and really worth a visit #sundaybest

  2. Looks like you have all had some fun :)

  3. What great fun it looks like you've all had! Love the photo of your daughter doing the splits on the seesaw, that is impressive! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  4. Ahh great post, we loved World of country life and can't wait for visit Big Sheep next weekend! Thanks for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again this week! x

  5. Thanks everyone :-) Sian.. . Amelie will do the splits just about anywhere haha. Hayley Tyne and Noah are going to love the big sheep! xx