Friday, 19 August 2016

My Bargain Hunting Tips and Ideas

 Like all busy families do, I am always looking to save money whenever I can. But being a busy mum of 3 with hardly any spare time, I feel like I miss out on so many bargain, especially when I do my weekly grocery shop. Most of the items on 3 for 1 offers I miss, cos i'm usually in a rush and just grab whatever I need. I don't have time to look at the expiry dates on Meat so we often end up chucking out food that hasn't been used. What a waste of money!
I have come up with a few ways to be more careful with money and using the internet to shop and to sniff out any good bargains. Since doing this I have saved a lot of money and probably a lot of time too!

Save Money and Time on Grocery Shopping

Since shopping online using the Tesco app, i have saved myself money and time. Why? Because I don't have to trolley dash around the store grabbing what i need and missing out on 3 for 2 offers or buy one get one free. I now have time to scroll through all the deals of offer from the comfort of my Sofa, and the next day I can either collect in the store's Car park or I can have it delivered for a little extra. I usually go for the Click and Collect option so i am saving even more money! My dad always asks me how i am saving money by shopping online "you must be missing all the offers" he tells me. This isn't the case, as all the offers can be found in one simple click, you can search 3 for 2 offers, buy one get one free offers, £1 only offers. They can all be found on the website or app, which I think is even easier than finding them in store, plus it saves me so much time!

Clothes Shopping - End of Season Sales Saves you Money!

Having 3 children to cloth doesn't come cheap, and I like my kids to look nice and wear tops, leggings, dresses and hair accessories that all match. I have never really been one for shopping in Charity shops for my kids clothes. I don't see anything wrong with it, and it does save a lot of money! But for me, i prefer to buy new outfits for my children and have them all matching. This doesn't come cheap, but it can come cheaper! Try looking on clothes shop websites for mid-season sales or end of season sales, buy your kids clothes at half price for the next season! It will save so much money and you will be glad you did it the following year. Just remember to buy a size bigger than their current clothes size!

Sign up to Money Saving Websites

There are so many websites out there full of ideas and advice on how to manage your money better. There is a Bargain hunting website specifically for busy mums too! Visit Bargain Buys for Busy Mums to find yourself some amazing deals on all things parent and child related! Whether it's toys, Birthday or Christmas gift ideas at bargain prices, clothing. You can check to see which Nappies are currently the cheapest. There is even a freebies page! This website and it's social media pages have a lot to offer, a must for all busy families.

Bargain hunting is fun and easy to do with the help of the internet. You can bag so many Bargains in the run up to Christmas if you put some time into it and start early enough! Even if you don't want to shop online, you can look up your favourite stores and find out when their next sales are on.


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