Tuesday, 30 August 2016

In Review: TeleTubbies Pull and Play Giant Noo Noo

 As we are nearly in September, the month when card shops start stocking Christmas cards and Christmas gift wrap and the world starts to go Christmas crazy, I thought I should start reviewing some toys, not only for my own children but for children of all ages. It's hard to get a real feel for toys when they are stuck in a box in the toy shop and you really don't want to press the "press here" button because you know it will make a horrendous noise and everybody will turn around expecting to see a child pressing the buttons on the toys, not an adult!

So, right now i am going to tell you all you need to know about this fantastic toy suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

You know who Noo Noo from TeleTubbies is right?  Well you should do if you have children, if not... He is a vacuum cleaner character who makes loud "slurpy noises" and hoovers up just about anything, apparently he is quite naughty as his TeleTubbie friends often tell him "naughty noo noo!"

When i first saw this toy i thought how much my nephew Noah would love it, because he is the right age for it and for short he gets called "Noo noo!"

All about this Toy

This electronic activity centre from Character is packed with features that young children will love. It has a 6-piece shape sorter, and 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw to encourage problem solving and coordination.
Pull noo noo along and watch him hoover up the magnetic splats of tubby custard while making slurping sounds. Noo noo has lots of buttons to press, hear him say many well known phrases from the TV show and lots of different sounds! He has big googly eyes and a spinning brush, when you have finished playing everything stores inside Noo noo's tidy compartment.

As Kier is a little too old for this toy i decided to try it out on one of my children that i child mind, we'll call him Jack!
Jack is 21 months and loves to explore new toys like this one. He loved the jigsaw most of all and found the storage compartment quite interesting. He was a little unsure about the slurpy noises at first but soon came to love it, ecpsecially when we were "feeding" noo noo the tubby custard!

I love to see Jack playing with Noo noo as i know he is gaining so much from it, He would never play with our small box shaped shape sorter but this toy he is loving so much! I am told that Jack is quite a big fan of TeleTubbies and watches the new series at home very often. He probably recognizes Noo noo from the TV show!

Retailing at £49.99 available from Argos


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