Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In Review: Brio Parking Garage

Kier and I are currently enjoying this Brio Parking Garage, it makes a change from the usual Train playsets and the Cars are just as fun, plus it's lovely and colourful like all Brio sets!

The Garage is made from amazing quality plastic and wood, very sturdy and tough unlike some of the flimsy plastic Garages we have had before. I love the realistic little parking bays and Road markings on this Garage, and the cars are really cute and cheerful!

Kier loves using the Car lift to transport the cars up and down to each level, it's fun and easy for him to use. He also enjoys watching the Cars pick up speed as they whizz down the red chute, and seeing how the car ramp works, he is just about getting the hang of loading the car onto the Transporter wagon! and not forgetting to fuel up at the petrol pump!
This set is every little boys dream, it keeps my car loving tot entertained for hours and even more so when he connects his other sets to it. It's perfect size is just right for tots aged 3 and over, it's lovely and chunky too, another good thing about Brio toys!

This educational toy connects to all Railway and Roadway in the Brio system.
Another great quality toy from our favourite toy brand, this one is available from all good toy stores or online priced around £47.99

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