Friday, 19 August 2016

Advice for mums who want to use naptime more productively

Life as a mom is crazy - let’s not lie about it. Being a mom is seriously stressful and incredibly tiring, it’s also one of the best things you’ll ever do. Because of how exhausting parenthood is, most of us moms tend to use nap time to relax on the sofa with a cup of tea. However, it’s easy to feel as if that’s a bit of a waste - you only get a small amount of free time during the day, and you spend it in front of the TV.  If you like the idea of using your free time more productively, here are a few ideas to try. Give these a go and see what you think - they might be for you, or they may not be. It’s just a case of trial and error and seeing what works for you.

Complete your daily chores

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Do you hate mess? Then why not use nap time to complete your daily chores? Think about it, instead of running around after your kids while trying to clean at the same time; you can get most of your chores done quickly. You won’t have to keep one eye on your little ones while washing up; you can just crack on and get as many of your chores done as possible. That way, when your little ones crash out in front of the TV, later on, you can join them.

Take advantage of the internet


If you want to make nap time your time to be productive, a great option is to use the internet for that. If you’d like to start doing something for yourself, perhaps you could start a blog site? This wouldn’t just be a great hobby to have, but it would also have the possibility of turning into a career. Or, at least, a little extra money each month. Another option, if you like the idea of using nap time to up your income, is completing surveys online. There are plenty of sites like that can help you to earn. While you won’t earn big bucks doing surveys, you can earn a little extra money to put towards your weekly housekeeping costs.

Get ahead for dinner time

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How about using nap time to get ahead for dinner time? Spend nap times preparing dinner, so that come tea time, all you’ve got to do is reheat it. Just think how much quicker, easier and less stressful this will make dinner times. If you’ve got extra time, you could also make meals to cook and then freeze. So that on those days life gets crazy, you’ve got some food already made up. Another option would be to use nap times to bake healthy snacks for your little ones - shop bought snacks are packed full of goodness knows what. By making snacks at home, you can ensure that they’re much healthier and lower in fats and sugar. For easy family dinner ideas, check out

So there you have it, a few ideas for making nap times much more productive. Use nap times to be more productive and you'll find that life as a parent is much easier.

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