Tuesday, 5 July 2016

What would you do differently for your 2nd birth?

One of the worst things about becoming a first time Mum is the birthing process itself. The result may be the best part, but the hours it takes to get there can be quite distressing. Not only is there an immense amount of pain to worry about, but there are also all the fears of the unknown to deal with. Your body has never felt like this before. Should it hurt this much? Should it take this long? Is something going to go wrong? It’s the panic that can turn a beautiful event into an unpleasant experience.

Of course, the moment your baby cries, the pain stops and everything is just perfect. You know then that every second of what came before was worth it. But deep inside you also know that things need be done differently next time. You’ll feel better about the sensations. You’ve experienced what they mean. And you’ve learned to fully trust the people around you as you go through it. Experience is a great teacher. It might also encourage you to try things in a completely different way.

Not everyone is comfortable in a hospital environment. Most of us would probably opt for a home birth if we could feel confident everything would go OK. Of course, once you’ve gone through a birth, you might feel quite keen to position yourself and your newborn in a quieter, more familiar place. Most places still have midwives that will attend your birth at home, so it is certainly an option.

Delivering your baby in your own bed can help you feel calmer and more connected to the birth. You’ll have all your home comforts around you to while away the hours of labour too. Your TV and favourite, most comforting videos. You could even be on the phone, skyping or messaging your loved ones. Your pets and family will be nearby, and you’ll be able to light candles, incense, and other soothers. And you’ll have the chance to stay in the bathtub a little longer too!

If you enjoyed the benefits of a bath during labour, you might even choose to have a water birth this time. Birthing pools are easy to install at home, and can help to create a completely different birthing experience. They are designed to allow you to move about, trying different postures, so you feel comfortable. And the water can help soothe your body and mind as you focus on the last few hours of your pregnancy.

Of course, the safety of a hospital environment can also be very appealing. Many private birthing suites are pleasant, homely and comfortable. And being in the hospital means you don’t have to do anything except relax. Specialists are on hand if you need extra help. And you baby couldn’t be in a safer environment.

The second time round is always going to be better prepared for than the first. It can be frightening going into the unknown when you’ve never given birth before. A little hindsight and experience can ensure you can enjoy the experience of giving birth to your second child even more.

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