Thursday, 28 July 2016

Remember This? ... My childhood Favourite things

 I thought it would be great to write a post about things from my childhood that are no longer around. Toys, TV shows, Sweets. These were all my favourite things and i'd love to know if you loved any of these too. Please leave comments at the end of the post!

Oh Penny!

Oh penny was quite similar to Polly Pocket only it wasn't quite so small. The play sets were big and definitely wouldn't fit in your pocket! When Polly Pocket made a come back i was really hoping that Oh Penny would too, but sadly it never did!
My girls would absolutely love these play sets. The closest thing to Oh Penny now is probably Playmobile or Lego friends. Although my girls enjoy both of those i don't think they compare to Oh Penny at all!

I owned the large Oh Penny house, the Tree House, Funfair and my favourite of all.. the Farmhouse! We also had the smaller sets too, the Gymkhana and the market stalls and the little pink wedding arch with car.

The funfair was the last was i had, I remember playing with it for hours on end. It had so much to it, probably about 6 or 7 little rides. Todays toys like this don't seem to have as much to them! These play sets were my favourite toys as a child, and i had them for a really long time.

Cricket Doll and TV Show

My older sister and i loved watching Cricket, I remember only seeing a few different episodes of it. We had them recorded onto a VHS Tape.
Cricket was great to watch at the time, but looking back she was really just a over confident and very bossy little know it all!!!
My sister Hayley had the Cricket Doll, i think she was only about 3 when she got the doll but she had it all through out her child hood. Any time we played dolls we would always have to involve Cricket, she was just great because she was such a big doll, although thinking back she was a little creepy when her eyes moved from side to side!! She played cassette tapes in her back but I never remember that actually working!
I know my parents still have this doll up in there attic, i know she is looking a bit worse for wear now! I don't think Amelie and Lottie would even want to play with her!!!

Lights Alive

This game was sheer awesomeness! I can't think of anything that even comes close to how amazing Lights Alive was. Sure there are loads of similar things for young children, and with today's technology children can play similar things or even better on their tablet apps. But this was a real actual game that you could take out of its box and play with. Design pictures with light! If you didn't have this then sadly you won't understand how much fun it was, It's hard to explain but it really was just one of those toys that kids loved!

Talk Boy Voice Recorder

I remember opening this on Christmas morning and being beside myself with joy!! I went through a huge Home Alone obsession so to have my very own Talk Boy was just the best thing ever!
The following Christmas i received a pink one called Talk Girl, i think it was to replace my over-used talk boy which had started to break!

The Best Cartoons ever!

The Get Along Gang

This was my favourite TV show of all time. I just loved Dotty the Cheer leading dog, she was like my Idol!
I also loved Porsha the hedgehog because she was the youngest of the gang and so cute!
I had so many Video's of The Get along gang. I never had any toys because it wasn't really that popular when I liked it. I don't know why it wasn't because it was THE BEST cartoon of the 80's!

Paw Paw Bears

When i was around 10 i remember watching Cartoon Network, we hadn't had sky TV for long so it was a huge novelty to watch Cartoons whenever i wanted, even late at night!
I soon had a favourite cartoon on the channel, it was the Paw Paw Bears. I don't know what it was that i loved so much about this cartoon, i don't remember having a favourite from Paw Paw bears! I just loved it! I guess the intro song was quite awesome!


Another favourite from when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I absolutely loved the Ewoks cartoon. There was never a boring one, every single cartoon on the Video was great! I think i had 2 videos, I don't remember watching the Ewoks on TV, only my videos.
My favourite character was one of the little Woklings, her name was Milani and she was a very brave Wokling, she was the little sister of one of the ewoks but i can't remember which one?
She was very cute and i loved the name so much i actually wanted to name our first baby Milani, somehow i was talked out of it and she was named Amelie! Not quite the same is it!!


The Best Snacks 

This was one of my all time favourites, it was my sisters favourite too which meant lots of arguing and killing each other over a chocolate bar! 

I remember my sister getting this chocolate bar free in a magazine, i think she left it laying around for a few days so I ate it!!! It was alright... not one of my best! I don't think it was around for very long so it couldn't have been that popular!

This chocolate bar was so yummy, it had raisins and all sorts inside. I never even noticed when it disappeared from the shelves! Funny how that happens. It wasn't one of my faves but i remember getting it in selection boxes at Christmas! 

Yum!! I loved Spira! Another one of cadburys best ever chocolates bars! I have no idea why they would stop making this. It was just SO delicious! Shame on you Cadburys!!

Toffo, i could take them or leave them really. round Toffee's are no big deal are they? They did different flavours which was pretty cool though!

Remember these weird jelly sweets in plastic wrapping? You had to peel the paper off and then struggle to get the thing out of the package without break it. Sounds gross doesn't it?
I wouldn't eat on of these now if i was paid to!!! Urgh!

 These crisps were amazing. They were more like "posh crisps" and there were not many of those around back in the 80's unlike now!
I think they may still be available to buy online, woo hoo!

Everyone from the 80's must remember these crisps! They were cheap and nasty but i loved them! The best thing about these is the slogan on the pack "Don't forget me thingies mum"  Brilliant!
I bought a pack about 2 years ago from a shop near my parents house, so i know they are still around but are hard to find!

These crisps came in quite a small packet, teeny little puffs of crisps. They were yummy but so messy! The crumbs would go everywhere and i'd always get in trouble for making a mess in my dads car!

I still remember my mum bringing these home for us when she went shopping. We loved them so much they became something we would get every week! They were a bit pointless cos you couldn't put the lid back on, we loved them though! I bought some similar ones a few years ago from Home Bargains, my kids didn't like them!! Say whaaaatt???!!

Who remembers these?!  I think they were called Cartoonies. Basically a little biscuit with a lump of chocolate inside. The best thing in my packed lunch box they were!! 

Please comment with your favourite childhood toys, TV shows and snacks :-)
Thanks for Reading!


  1. Oh wow! This brings back some memories. Especially the sweets. I used to love Secret bars.
    You can buy those Cartoonie things in Poundland. They are called something else now. hehehe

  2. Me too, if they created a selection pack with all the old school sweets in like these, it would make so much money and be very popular!! I am so going to hunt down Cartoonies this weekend at Poundland, thanks for sharing!!

  3. I remember those twist and squeeze drinks!
    I always loved them, but I remember there not actually being that much juice inside!

  4. OMG golden cups!!!! What happened to them?!! I used to love them!

    Those little biscuits things are called hello panda and home & bargain sell them, I got some last week! They sell brannigans too!


  5. So I need to go to home bargains today and get some. I may buy some twist and squeeze and brannigans too! I would LOVE it if they made golden cup again. They were so yummy!

  6. I loved Fuse bars, I still miss them. Great list.

  7. Ah, nostalgia! I used to love those twist drinks, and the little jelly sweets in plastic. Every time I see the drinks in Home Bargains I think about getting some, but I'm worried they won't live up to my memories! :) #sundaybest

  8. Back again from #SundayBest, thanks for joining us! Hope to see you again this weekend :0 xx

  9. This has brought back memories! I loved Toffos and omg I had totally forgotten about Lights Alive! Thanks for joining in with #SundayBest x